Monday, April 28, 2008

T20 = Terrible Twenty

We went to the Bangalore Royal Challengers vs Rajasthan Royals IPL match. On Saturday night. 8 PM to 11 PM. Now this whole IPL thingy is not very appealing to me. If I had to vote either way, I would vote against it. What with the big shots and their over-fed cricket players. Its not like Vijay Mallya isn't rich enough that I should spend money and watch some crappy cricket and make him richer. But I went. To keep company. Subhash's IIM friends were going and this was one opportunity to meet all of them. So 4 couples, us counted, went on our way.

We went with K and his wife G. They live in the apartments next to ours. S and S also live in the same place. So all of us set out around the same time. We were going to park in STs office which was near MG Road. After everyone parked we started walking towards the stadium. Stopped at a place called Tavern Inn or something to eat a little bit and set off again. We reached the stadium a little after the laser show was over. Such a pity! At least that might have been worth watching.

Anyway, so the match began and we had something to eat again at the stadium (tickets came with complimentary dinner and beverages). Initial part of the match I was somewhat excited because I got to see Shane Warne :D One check mark done ;) Then the cheerleaders of course. I didn't particularly like the Royal Challengers' cheerleaders. I hated their outfits. I think cheerleaders should look cute. And I think they look cute in frilly short skirts. When they are wearing really tight and really short bottoms, they look needy. Not cute. But anyway, the Rajasthan Royals' cheerleaders looked much better, they were a sight to my eyes which went sore after I saw the RC cheerleaders ;)

The cheerleading part was a little awkward too. It was funny, one has to see it. The cheerleaders for RC would sit and laze and whenever someone hit a 4 or a 6, some loud and blaring music would start and that was like a whip to these cheeries and they would stand up as soon as they heard that music and start dancing. It was so artificial, it was funny.

The RC innings was OK. Not too great. But the Rajasthan Royals' innings was even more insipid. The RC team hardly put up a challenge. It was as if they saw where the batsmen were tending to hit the ball for a 4 and then removed all fielders from there. Absolutely no energy, no enthusiasm and no spirit. I saw Kumble bowling, which was another check mark done. But other than Shane Warne and Kumble, really it would have been just as well if I took that money and threw it down the drain. I really think, at least for the sake of their team's song, the RC guys should have shown a little more spirit. (What with "Khel nahin ye jung hain" and all that!) It was as if Vijay Mallya just took money and gave away the match. Damn!

After the match we had ice cream on the Kwality Walls cart and then later at a Kulfi corner. S and S drove us back and we called it a day.

A huge waste of effort, time and money. That is what my T20 experience was :( I think the Deccan Chargers match was a much better option, but they weren't playing it in Bangalore. I will cheer for Deccan Chargers any day. They belong to Hyderabad and their owner (Deccan Chronicle) is probably the least moneyed of all IPL big-shots ;)

Go Deccan Chargers!


Kishan said...

Yes. Go Deccan Chargers.
I am watching the game online and yes, the cheer leading is very funny and artificial. But, I heard that the tickets for the game is around Rs 100. In that case, may be it's worthwhile. At least for the dinner, drinks and the sight of Warne.

I don't know why, but I felt very glad when Challengers and Knight riders lost. May be there is something that I don't like about Mallya and SRK. Too glamorous, rich and showy.

DivSu said...

Ticket for the game is 100? Is that USD or INR? Surely it cannot be INR ;) The lowest ticket starts from 1000, do you think Vijay Mallya would even consider participating in something where tickets are sold for so cheap? ;) Our tickets were way more expensive than the minimum 1K, sob sob! Actually what can you get for 100 Rs in today's India would be an interesting question ;)

Anonymous said...

Deccan Chargers YAY!!! Are the ticket rates high even for Hyd matches too..I hope not!!
and, just for some FYI, DC group owner is not without that financial backup either...only thing is the lack of glamorous public outlook they/he potrays...I know that, since my grandfather, and my uncle worked for DC, and I forget, if it was him or his father who were Rajya Sabha members for sometime..and they do hold multiple companies...
So, fact of the matter is, nobody is into this T20 thing just for the love of the sport:) heck,
GO Chargers!!!:)

DivSu said...

Hi Anonymous

Yeah, I think ticket rates are pretty much at the same level. I take my statement back. DC is probably the least moneyed and least glmourous of all T20 owners;) I cannot say DC is not moneyed, of course it is if it owns a team, but its probably not as moneyed as Vijay Mallya say;)

Anonymous said...

I think I read somewhere that they infact had lowered the ticket prices for a match in hyd, in order to get more people..I think something like, 100-500, and may be the premium ones would go according to the owners fancies I bet:)

DivSu said...

Ohh, they did? Hmm..but that is Hyd. We always bend and stretch;) And break! What say?

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