Thursday, June 16, 2011

Technology rant

I don't know why MS keeps pushing office updates on Mac saying they are critical. With every update more things are broken. The latest being, opening an attachment in Entourage takes forever. The last update totally messed up my PPT toolbars. None of them would be visible. You would have to go unselect a toolbar, then re-select it and then click anywhere on the slide to make it appear. I mean, how productive it makes me.

And what is with the latest Firefox?! It is so damn slow to load and respond and it behaves so weirdly that I can hardly believe this was the browser that wanted to revolutionize the internet browsing experience.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today I was coming home on the usual route. There was a guy in a car in front of me. In a Honda City. And he kept smoking and kept dropping the left over cigarette stubs on the road.

I wanted to ask him, how come the car needs to be clean while the road can do with a few cigarette stubs.

I never understand how people manage to do that in spite of the education they have..

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Shame on me

I was feeling increasingly guilty of abandoning this blog space. Lack of topics to titillate the readers, plus probably a slight (only a very slight) lack of time maybe.

But then, today a colleague at work said she knew me through my blog some years ago. Made me feel really sorry for this blog. It has helped me gain so many new friends and I keep neglecting it. I came back and checked the last post and it was nearly 2 months ago. Phew! Something has got to be done now.

So what is happening. In no special order

1) I am as thin now as I was before the baby, if not thinner. And people notice it now ;)
2) The son is becoming taller stronger sharper (I watch way too many Horlicks ads these days, so my talk is ad-speak)
3) Life is content and full. Keeps me happily engaged (hate the word busy)
4) In laws were here for a couple of months, left a few days back, leaving a void which we are slowly getting used to
5) More often than not, I am thinking about what to eat next (See the recently read books list in the left panel of this blog).
6) Had a good share of mangoes this summer but missed the rasaalu ones sorely (one of the very few things you cannot find in Bangalore)
7) I talk of summer as if it is past. Yessir, it is, the past few weeks in Bangalore have been cool, cloudy and rainy. Bane for the laundry but good for the spirit. Also most roads on my way to work have caved in which means son has a roller-coaster ride, what with my driving and the roads put together ;)
8) More friends send in news of impending babies.
9) Rarely logging into Facebook for lack of enthu. Hardly post any status messages there anymore except the blog entries which have also sharply fallen ;)
10) Refused to try fish pedicure after seeing the fish clutter at my cousin's foot. Anything that is wiggling and breathing, I just cannot touch. Includes, cats and dogs. Except humans actually, just about anything else.

There, I made 10 statements, so I can live in peace knowing I am not neglecting my blog anymore ;)