Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2 year old mom!

Today my son turns two and I turn a two-year old mom :) When did I turn a two year old mom? Am I still not that girl of seventeen?? (which somehow my brain is always stuck at, and also which happens to be the age when I first met Subhash ;) )

It has been an eventful year. One where I have seen my son start talking, saying his alphabets, numbers, rhymes, songs etc. Also seen him fall sick (yeah, first one year he never knew sickness at all!), thanks to the daycare and other things. I once had a really scary moment when I was alone with him in the house and Subhash was in the UK. I fed him at 1.30 AM that night in the hope that he wouldn't throw up and absorb that energy to survive the night (he was repeatedly throwing up anything I gave him and also had diarrhea). Somehow when I think of this past year, that moment is poignant. It feels like the moment I grabbed my son from the mouth of sickness and brought him back :)

He started going to daycare and has been a remarkably fuss-free child. He did cry a few weeks into the routine but by and large he has adapted like magic :) He has a lot of friends and can also name all the 13 children in his class and sometimes this amazes me :) Whenever you ask him though, only the girls' names pop out unless you show him pictures of the other boys in his class. Surely he has his priorities set.

I have a lot of dreams for him and I hope I can give him the best in whatever he needs :) I also wish him a sickness-free next year and many more happy, healthy and prosperous years ahead :) I hope above all to always remain a friend and confidante to him and be able to move along with his generation so he never feels distanced from me :)

Here is 2 years of being a Dad to Subhash too. The best ever (even his son says so - Naanna best). Much better parent than I am myself I would dare-say :)