Saturday, March 24, 2012

4 years!

Long overdue post from my drafts -

Today, we finished 4 years of moving back to India. Two life events (son's birth and MIL's death), and many memorable moments in these past 4 years. As always, glad that we moved back when we did - it's proved to be a great and fulfilling move time and again. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

7 years!

Finished 7 years with Cisco today - randomly posted a status on Facebook this morning - and I got a comment (which went on to become a story dialogue) from one of the managers that had interviewed me back then. I remember and always cherish that interview day although it left me sick of the word called "ping". The job was an absolute necessity then and also it was my dream company, I was very nervous needless to say. I interviewed with three teams for a grueling 12 hours and was dead tired when I went back to the hotel that night. I waited very nervously for an offer and when it was made - my life was made. From then to now - it has been one hell of a ride - always something interesting - always something challenging - somehow always NICE. I am hoping I have many more such years and niceness :) Now I finish more years in India than in the US ;) One more big thing I always wanted to do but did not really know if I will be able to.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Indian Toilet

Today at a mall - in the restroom - the lady waiting in line after me was about to go in - checked that it was an Indian toilet and stepped back and chose to wait for a western one instead! And still we call them Indian toilets! What an irony!

Personally, I prefer the Indian version in public toilets like malls etc. They are definitely better since it is zero body contact with any soiled surface.

Kahaani is a must watch movie. Please, I urge you all to see it :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


I posted the following message on the Bangalore Traffic Police Facebook page:

Hi BTP - Just a small suggestion - last week Airport Road traffic near HAL market junction was surprisingly thin in the 9 - 9.30 AM time-slot - I think there was either major traffic diversion or signals were properly synced. What I have noticed is - some days the traffic gets really bad and on other days it is OK. Can we try and implement 20-second signals on all major Airport road junctions - Manipal, Pizza Hut and HAL? I believe this will keep the traffic moving and not lead to huge logjams like it does today - can some one try this for a week and check results. No signal in red for more than 20seconds at a time 

I am not really a traffic engineer so let me put in my disclaimer first. I just posted what I felt - no data to back up - I wanted the traffic police to experiment with varying signal lengths since the logjams on Airport road certainly seem to be very random at best - when the signals are broken - they work best ;)

I was actually impressed that I got back a response to this comment on their page saying they will check this. I am not sure if they will actually do it or not but someone is definitely taking the trouble to respond to posts - that was impressive. And if you check their page - they are doing quite a lot of good work through this page. I am happy I decided to post - now I can wait and see if and when they will implement it ;)