Friday, September 21, 2007

Aura Ammaka Chella

In a time when all hits in Telugu were from Ilayaraja, there came a refreshing original Telugu Music composer, a change called Keeravani, so we didn't have to live with the routine beats of Raj-Koti. Here is one of my all time favourites from this guy - Its a folklore-type song about Lord Krishna and is a melodious piece. I love this song. The movie is a master-piece from K. Viswanath called "Aapathbandhavudu". It also holds a special place for me, because part of the movie was shot in Ann's.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Touch all the wood

For CSCO stock. Its making me happier by the day ;) I wish I had bought some shares in the Employee stock purchase program way earlier except for the fact that back then I was broke;)

Now is the time to work a little harder and keep pushing it up, I am inspired to do quality work today;)

Way to go!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Hyderabad and the babus

I refrained from writing anything about the bomb blasts in Hyderabad a couple weeks back. I didn't think I would do it any justice. It was a terrible thing for us looking at our city being ripped like that. I hope whoever did it burns in hell.

Today was a fly-over collapse. Almost the same number of people dead. And this fly-over is not even built yet! Some of the gang were over at our place and we were discussing it. One of them was wondering how a yet-to-be-built bridge can collapse. The answer to me, is simple. A thing like that is a very obvious manifestation of corruption. I try not to get too political on my blog, but I will make this one exception. This was a terrible completely avoidable mishap. If only people acted a little more responsibly. But I guess money is heady and people are ready to do or forsake anything for it. Reminds me of a Telugu movie called Tagore, where they show how the lead actor turns against corruption because his family is killed when his apartment building collapses.

I hope this is the worst my city will ever see..

Of good grace..

I got my phone back!! Now I don't have to worry about all those numbers. Thanks to my brilliant guy, he not only reminded me that I might have left it in the laundry room but also suggested we put a note there, asking anyone who found it to call him. A couple days after we left the note, on Friday, a lady called from our opposite building and said she had found it. We went over and picked it up and boy was I happy :) I didn't realize how much depended on my having a mobile up until I lost it. So hopefully I will be a little more careful with it now on;)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

More "What's up"

Uhh..same story.

If I thought last week was crazy this week was craziest in my life. Working from 11 pm to 5 am..the less said about it, the better ;)

So I grossly am neglecting my other routines. I am constantly being pre-occupied, so much so, that I lost my cell phone this week. Now I know what life can be without it...I never valued it much when I had it, but now I know.

Till my new phone comes I am clueless about who is trying to reach me. And then that phone book, ohh, I think I had about 200 numbers in there :( How am I going to revive them all, gaaaaa!!

Nothing else happening. Except that we had a great weekend getaway to Bass Lake with the gang. For the first time every family could make it but 1. We had around 21 adults and two kids/infants and it was tremendous fun. Just the sheer number of people guaranteed it. Was really glad to have such a close-knit gang to hang out with:)

Planning on hogging Pani Puris at home this weekend..lets see how that comes about..