Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Subhash has this theory: Whatever you say about others is like a boomerang, it comes right back at you.

Since I have heard this theory I have seen ample incidents which have given proof to it. More so in the past few weeks. I have seen things happen to people who have ridiculed others for the very same things. So much so that now, when I start on the ridicule train (even in my mind), I take a shudder. Good for me I say. But scary all the same ;)

Of course this doesn't apply to public figures, celebrities, politicians, CEOs and so on and so forth. You get the drift. ;)

Cisco vs Apple

Yet again. No this time this is not a problem with licensing the "iOS" name out to Apple (really, they borrowed iPhone and now iOS, losers!), but this:

Cisco Cius

I think (and hope) this will be big. Now only if it did something for our stock, that would be something more to smile about ;)

PS: Been very slack with blogging. Normally during a trough (although I call this blog sinusoidal) I do not post things. I hate to put out more gloom in the world. Shilpa: No, I was not busy, in fact I hate to say "I am busy" :) I'll hopefully be better now that the cloud's lifted.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My term for blogging ebb. Too many things to write about for a change. But most of the topics are sensitive so wondering what to do, that is all.Ohh, and one reader anonymously commented that I have been away for very long and that kind of made my day, people do read this blog and miss its lack of updates !!

Well, one deal is that the son is finally sporting a clean shaven head. He turned 9 months as per the Hindu calendar this Sunday and we took him to Tirupati and got his head shaved off. It was awful watching him cry and lose all those lovely locks. I am now on a nourishment spree to ensure his hair grows back fast. Fingers crossed.

Tirupati was an experience. All that crowd and noise and loud yelling made this fellow cry non-stop as long as we were in the Q. As soon as we got out, he was quite his normal self again.We rented a chauffeured-Innova and a HUGE cottage and in general this has been the most comfortable and well-provided-for trip I have made to Tirupati in my entire lifetime. Yet, it was an ordeal to see this little guy cry and get all unsettled because of the crowd. I really wish we didn't have to put him through so much at such a young age. But, rituals are rituals, and you follow them as much as you can I guess. (I am veering towards the sensitive end of this topic now if you get the drift of what I was trying to say earlier). If he was a girl, I was more than willing to postpone his tonsuring till his third year (so at least he is a little older) but I don't like cross-dressing him as a girl and that includes putting him in pony-tails and clips. So I had no option but to make sure this thing was done with so that we could get him started on his regular hair-cuts, what with his lustrous fast-growing mane of hair going out of control very easily, very soon :)

Anyways that is done with and hopefully I will have more moderate variety of topics to blog on very soon :)

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


For the nth time we went to Italia (old name: Little Italy on Indiranagar 100ft road) last night for dinner. We had to visit a friend of Subhash's who had a baby recently and didn't make dinner before leaving so we ended up going to Italia after much debate on where else we can go. I guess more than the good all-vegetarian food that they serve, it is the comfort of a known place that draws us to that restaurant. It was the first restaurant that the son went to (at 1 month old) and he has been there numerous times since. All the waiters recognize us, we have our favourite sofa lounge studio (so that it is convenient to let the son lie down) and we know the menu by heart.

Truly, there is comfort in routine :) At least for me.

Back to school!

It is that time of year. Yesterday, the colony was full of school buses and kids hurrying off to school. I guess schools have re-opened. I always feel sorry for the kids that they have to get back to school. In fact one of the twin girls who lives five to six houses down our lane was crying inconsolably to go to school.

But it somehow always brings back good memories to my mind. I loved school. As much as I loved summer holidays (with the water coolers, grandma's house, mangoes, sleeping till late etc etc), I used to yearn to get back. A new year, new uniforms, new shoes, new bag and new lunch boxes (sometimes), the smell of new text and note books, the scramble to get them all wrapped up in brown paper, label them and write names on each of them, and so much more!

So here is wishing all our colony kids a happy coming year in school!!

Sunday, June 06, 2010


That is how many emails I have to plough through for not having checked official email for a whole week. Boy! We do take communication to new heights. I have been at it more or less non stop for the last 3 hours and still I am only 500 emails through :( I am resisting the temptation to do CTRL+A and SHFT+DEL. ;)

Back and happy.. be home
...for the 10C drop in temperature
....for my 15.1" laptop monitor and the space it affords me to organize my email and browser
.....for the successful completion of the son's sixth flight where he didn't so much as wink during take off and landing and thoroughly enjoyed it playing with crew and me and his dad
......for my sister who got married

And many more such..