Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Back to school!

It is that time of year. Yesterday, the colony was full of school buses and kids hurrying off to school. I guess schools have re-opened. I always feel sorry for the kids that they have to get back to school. In fact one of the twin girls who lives five to six houses down our lane was crying inconsolably to go to school.

But it somehow always brings back good memories to my mind. I loved school. As much as I loved summer holidays (with the water coolers, grandma's house, mangoes, sleeping till late etc etc), I used to yearn to get back. A new year, new uniforms, new shoes, new bag and new lunch boxes (sometimes), the smell of new text and note books, the scramble to get them all wrapped up in brown paper, label them and write names on each of them, and so much more!

So here is wishing all our colony kids a happy coming year in school!!


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