Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Yes. I experienced it. Finally. The dreaded Bay Area earthquake. Always looms like a monster threat over everyone's minds here. We were sitting @ home, I was working and parents were watching TV. Suddenly it all shook. Usually when someone goes down/up the stairs we experience a slight shake so I assumed someone must have took a fall down the stairs because this was much much heavier shaking. But when it didn't stop I realized it might be a quake. Then started the scrambling. We ran down the stairs and only after going down I realized that I needed to pick up my documents bag in an emergency. Duh! What a waste! I should be better prepared.

I also realized we don't have earthquake insurance on the house, I guess I need to buy one. But I am pretty sure the insurance guys are equally scared and I will get the worst possible deal on this if I go ask them now;) What troubles. The price we pay for living in the revered Silicon Valley! Sigh!

That was a sure shot scare for Halloween 2007. What an amazing prelude!

Another Halloween

Another Halloween is around the corner and as always, its pumpkin carving time!! This time I decided to go witchy. I was a witch for last year's Halloween so decided to inscribe me on a Pumpkin. Turned out quite cool. We have a contest tomorrow@work and I am hoping I will win something ;) Wish me luck!

A lot of people haven't been able to interpret this figurine completely/correctly. Its a witch standing in front of her cauldron holding her broomstick in one hand and doing incantations. Check out the fire under the cauldron and its little handle at the side;)

Almost done!

Some more work left;)

See me glow!

Show off!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

MBAs ;)

Sudhir had a baby girl last week and we were delighted for him:) They named her Annapurna and I was positively surprised. No one uses such good old fashioned names anymore!

I remember sometime back when he first knew about his to-come baby, we were chatting and he was telling me about the MBA programme. What does it mean you ask? "Make Babies American". True. So very true. Sudhir and I were joking about it. And he was wondering if he should do an MBA program;)

Well, looks like you did manage to get an MBA after all Sudhir ;)

Friday, October 19, 2007

So she runs away

So Chiranjeevi's second daughter ran away. With some fellow who is just out of Engineering (these days just about everyone is an engineer, sigh! Where is our exclusivity!)

So anyway, whatever she does with her life is her business, but the videos I saw this morning (yeah I am a day late can you believe it! I didn't check my very on-the-top-of-Tollywood friend's email yesterday) were appalling. Not only did they arrange the wedding furtively and then immediately open the sport to the media, shamelessly enough, she was also asking for Police protection because she feared Chiranjeevi and his family's outrage at this act. (Well naturally what do you expect him to do, sing praises of the glorious act!?!?!?!?)

Well whatever, consider this situation. Not only does your kid shamelessly parade around to the world that he/she has eloped (yeah they actually took the media for a bus tour, jeez!) but also asks for Police protection because you might be enraged. What has the world come to! What is next? Kids asking for Police protection because they are scared you would be angry with them for not doing their homework?

Looks like she thinks either the AP Police or the AP Government or both don't have any other job to do. And what do you know, they might just prove her right! Totally pathetic!

For the life and times of Chiranjeevi, and for his fame, I actually pity him what with each of his daughters putting him to such shame.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Of belief and something to hold onto

Too much steam at work, need to take a break and incidentally, this is the only blogging time left for me;)

Tinku and I were chatting the other day, somehow the topic veered onto sun signs and if I believe in it. I believe in them but I don't religiously follow them like some do. If someone says I am an Arian, so I will be this this and this and also that, I will say, yeah that is right, I am this and this but not that. I do believe I have some strong Arian traits, although I never understand how we can classify a planet-ful of population into 12 categories;)

We then discussed palmistry and he mentioned how he used to follow "Cheiro's Palmistry". I was like yeah, in those days we used to be crazy about that stuff. Then it struck me. (like it constantly does, these days, I don't like it, but I am getting too perceptive, tsk..tsk..tsk..where is the kid lost!)

Back then, we needed something to tell us that things would go the way we wanted. Sometimes, I would read astrological predictions hoping I would get that one thing I was really dying for that week. Or I would pick up a book of palmistry and try to see the future like I wanted it, in my hands. Sometimes it was curiosity about what would happen, sometimes it was hopeless anticipation, desperate for something I wanted, to happen. Either way, till my life took the decisive course it took, career-wise and personally, there were questions. And there were fears. And there were two-way forked paths. And I needed answers. Some of them I could manage on my own. For the rest I would look to stars and patterns for guidance. Sigh! Those days were both fun and terrifying.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nutrition contd.

If you read my post on what you need to do in order to obtain Nutrition, this is the place where it all started. The picture was taken when we (Subhash and I) toured Chicago and Madison (where I finished my Masters) to show his parents around the place:) We had a great time and for me personally it was "coming home to Mad Town" like always :) His parents thought the place was great and I felt, well, proud! :)

Awesome! Simply!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Humbled..from time-to-time

I had a very highly embarrassing situation at work yesterday. And the fact that I could have prevented it by due diligence made it worse if not killing. In the chain of thoughts that followed through the evening (and that was a long chain), I came to that realization yet again. That from time to time I have these humbling experiences. Whenever I begin to feel like I know a lot, or that I can conquer anything (more on the egoistic end), something happens that crushes it all. And I have to start from scratch. I feel its a good thing for me. Keeps me from growing over-confident (if not cocky). And yet again, I thank God for small graces and helping maintain my balance in life :)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Yes. I own to it. I watched it the first day (thanks to the gang again). And for my base expectations I was not disappointed at all. Chiranjeevi's son can dance, act and all the rest of the things he needs to do. He was not at all deplorable and I think with time he will improve. Well, at least he is much better than Bunny (Allu Arjun) and I think he has a good road ahead of him. Subhash liked him too which is kind of rare. I know Deepu disagrees (the Bunny vs Cherry debate, jeez I am talking like but I think he is good enough for today's industry standards if not better:)

Way to go!


Of late, I haven't been finding anything interesting to blog about. Its all the same routine. If any, I have some philosophical thoughts, which I don't want to bore people with.

But the other day I had a brilliant realization (or so I felt). So here goes (don't complain!)

There are at least a 100 ways to think of a given situation. The way you pick defines who you are. (Wah, wah)

For my part, recent times have seen me more thought-prone than I have ever been in my life. Thanks to Subhash's constant supervision;)