Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I go to work in PARADISE

A couple years ago, I was starting in Cisco, doe-eyed and completely content. The first day to work, I had to take 237-E to travel from Sunnyvale to the Cisco campus. While I approached Zanker Road exit, I couldn't help but notice the marvelous hills spread all about in front of me. Boy! I almost had an accident that day;)

The "hills near my office" were green like a velvet carpet was spread on them (ok, now THAT is too poetic for me). And I was awed again and again. So much so that a couple days later I took my camera to work and actually took some pictures, the clouds perched on top of the hills and the whole scene from my building looking like I was in a movie studio. I was awed, yes, again. I thought, wow! Hills as an added bonus, I can't complain. And I thought, if after a couple years I still feel the same way about this place and hills, then I will write about it someplace..

Soon the hills grew brown, what a contrast to Wisconsin! In WI all is brown and white in winter and greeeeeeeen and gorgeous in the summer. But CA was greenest best in Jan-March, the so-called "winter". The rain brings with it loads of greenery to these hills and the summer just dries them up, poor souls!

So, anyway, its been a couple years, and I still love the green look of the winter on the mountains. As an added bonus last year and this, we saw snow perched on the hills in the back. Its a most amazing sight, you have to see it to believe it. In the 10 minute drive from home to work, about 6 mins I forget that I am actually going to work;) It feels like I am driving around on a vacation:D The green hills, the clouds perched on them and the snow-caps at the back. Especially when it rains or is misty, its a sight to see. Soon I will take my camera again and get the snow-caps this time. Especially now that its raining and we have good misty weather often. Yeah, I HATE snow, make no mistake about it, but atop a hill, there is nothing to beat that beauty:) I admit!

And pretty much, I love going to work, and I mostly don't have Monday-blues, so truly, I go to work in PARADISE!!!!


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Most vela thing I do with high-end apps..

Ever thought why you need a scientific calculator to add (6+4)*37? ;)

I did the other day when I was using Excel for something so vela. Though the above and what I did with Excel don't fall in the same league, we seem to have gotten so used to having high-end apps and hi-tech toys doing all our work for us, that we automatically start using them for all kinds of useless things;)

It hit me when I was trying to capture our team vote for most popular cuisine so we could go for our team lunch and get on with it;) I had to capture all votes, 3 cuisine preferences, and I prompty used Excel to calculate and see which cuisine won, so we could decide on what place to go to. Our meetings last hours otherwise trying to figure which pace to go and eat;)

Right now I can't think of anything else on the spur, but I am sure I did more such vela things with tech tools/toys. Will keep adding to this post.

Friday, February 23, 2007

you are stupid u know that...

A while ago I was sitting in a meeting with my laptop lid forced down. I HAD to listen to what was going on in the meeting. So anyway, at the end of the meeting, Gmail told me this:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Four Years!!! And Counting..":

you are stupid u know that...

Publish this comment.

Reject this comment.

Moderate comments for this blog.

Posted by Anonymous to Sinusoidal Scribbles at Thu Feb 22, 11:38:00 AM PST

I recently changed my blog comments as being "moderated"- essentially it means, I will have to approve any comment before it gets posted on my blog. I had to do this after some really smart people (unlike ones like me, of course) started leaving comments on my posts which were sooooo relevant and directly connected to the blog-posts that I can't begin to describe it.

So anyway, I saw this comment and I was like, uh oh! I should delete this comment. Then, coming as I was, just out of a meeting, my mind was still in the "think out of the box" mode, and I said, no, wait, what would a person intend by leaving such a comment? What would prompt someone to show such intelligence and be even smarter by not leaving their name...hmm...what....just what? (Ohh come on duh! )

Then I was like, maybe I should not delete it, after all. Maybe I should write about it. Yes, that is it. I should write about it:) Here is a comment that shows clearly, beyond doubt, that this person can accurately assess what I know about myself and what I don't. And how many possess this remarkable talent? Such flair is indeed rare to be seen. I should respect the intelligence flowing here, and I most definitely do. So here is my blog-post solely dedicated to singing the praises of this unprecedented and never-before-seen talent. Amen!

[All the possible pun intended]

And such keenness of mind should not be lost on the world, so you can see this comment here....

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Why AR should be DIL to senior-AB

Too many acronyms? Well, its late and I am still at work, so what do you expect?:D

Anyway, I try to keep my blog strictly a-political but it doesn't exclude Bollywood, so I can write as much as I want about latest and greatest gossips et al. I just realized it, so here is a good one to start off with.

Why should Aishwarya Rai be Daughter-In-Law to Amitabh Bachchan. Forget Abhishek, he plays little role here other than that I prefer him any day to the other actors in Bollywood;)

To begin with, I like both Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek. I liked him in Refugee itself, see I have this talent to recognize other talents;) When everyone wrote him down, I said, I like him, he will shine someday:) He is too over-shadowed by his Dad's legacy right now. And he shone slowly but steadily:D

Then I like Aishwarya too. Not necessarily as an actress but in general for her drop-dead looks. Subhash hates her;) But I like her and I maintain it :D

But the topic here is not about Abhishek marrying Aishwarya (I am glad about it, believe me) but about Aishwarya being the right daughter-in-law for senior AB.

I have only two coincidences to think of. Audience can help add to these;)

1) Both have their wax models in Madame Tussuad's :D
2) AB senior's Dad was Harivansh Rai Bachchan, and now will have a daughter-in-law, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:D

What excellent coincidences, enough reasons for them to marry any day;)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Of old....very old....friends

Thought I would write an ode blog to Orkut. I got an invite to join this multiple times, in the past couple years, but never paid any attention to it, like I didn't to all those "I want to remember your birthday" invites that I got;) But finally on Shetty's insisting I joined it, if not for anything, just to stop her from buzzing in my ear every now and then about it;)

But boy! am I glad I joined or what. I met soooooo many of my school friends as I would have never imagined. I even met a couple seniors and scores of juniors from school. Lots of my sister's classmates as well. Reminiscing about St. Ann's is not possible to do completely with anyone except fellow Annites and I found quite a few of them in Orkut to reminisce to my heart's content! I even met one teacher who used to teach us in 8 and who we were all crazy about;)

Of old.....very truly old friends.....

Thanks to Orkut..

Lines from P&P

I was thinking of statuses for my GTalk and Yahoo messenger, yeah I like to have new and refreshing statuses, a little something for entertainment for my friends list, and not to mention, some curious statuses also manage to shake-up the lazy ones and actually prompt them to ask me what the status means:D So last couple weeks was so crazy at work, I know I mentioned it earlier, I couldn't think of any good ones, so chose to write some lines from my favourite BBC series Pride and are some good ones. (Both from the 1970s one and the 1995 one)

Now, I won't go into cliches and say things that everyone already knows, like "A single man in possession of a large fortune....." OR even "You must allow me to tell you how ardently...."

-Aye! Very true..damn tedious waste of an evening (Mr. Hurst after their assembly ball at Hertfordshire) (1995)

-Now THAT is neither here nor there (Aunt Gardiner, to Lizzy, about her dodging the prospect of being in love with Wickam) (1970s)

-Your mother will not speak to you ever again if you don't marry Mr Collins, and I will not speak to you if you do (Very obvious where and who) (1995)

-So much can be considered sensibility, the rest must be called waste (Lady Catherine de Bourgh to Darcy about how little food he ate from his plate) (1970s)

-As a connoisseur of human folly I would have thought you to be impatient to be savouring these delights (Mr Bennet to Lizzy on her way to Kent, about how she would like to meet her cousin Mr Collins and Lady Catherine de Bourgh) (1995) (I had to dodge the spell check to get my savouring right;) )

-Aye for you are as handsome as the rest of them, Mr. Bingley might like YOU best of the party (Mr. Bennet suggesting that Mrs. Bennet send the girls to call on Mr. Bingley by themselves, lest he should like HER;) ) (1995)

-I could more easily forgive HIS pride had he not mortified MINE (Lizzy to Charlotte about Darcy refusing to dance with her at the assembly ball) (1970s)

-Where does discretion end and avarice begin (Lizzy to Aunt Gardiner, about warning her against entering an insensible relation with Wickam) (1970s)

-I deserve neither such praise nor such censure. I am not a great reader and take pleasure in many things (Lizzy retorts to Miss Bingley who says she is a great reader and takes pleasure in nothing else) (1995)

I will keep adding to these and of course, if anyone can think of any good ones that they like, I will put them in too:)

Four Years!!! And Counting..

I was thinking last week that I should blog about it. Been so caught up with work, it left no time to blog about work;)

Jan 27, 07 I finish 4 years of stepping out of the academic world into the corporate arena..

It was something, my first job, that new-ness, that freedom from assignments (yeah, that was more joyous than earning some real money, and getting a little closer to crossing the below-poverty line status, now can you believe it;) ), and needless to say better pay than as a grad student:D

I seem to have learnt so much in the last 4 years in my area than I did in 6 years of tech education, now, needless to say, considering my previous blog post:D

And when I think of that time and place, I can't but help wonder, wow! its four years already...but like Subhash amply puts it in perspective, what is four years in a 30-year long career:D

Still counting....