Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Major, major, major!

The son got pushed (at least according to his teachers and principal) at the daycare by some other kid and he fell on his chin and broke it. It was horrible. A big gash and blood all over his shirt. It was painful to watch. We took him to Manipal and when they said sutures we were not at all sure and decided to take him to his regular paed. He checked it, said sutures would leave a 1mm scar, else, alternate was to tape him up, but scar would be little bit bigger. Since the injury was under the chin (may not be very visible when he grows up) and since we didn't want to put him through anesthesia and needles etc, we asked him to tape him up.

Somewhere I felt angry. And sad. And upset, in equal portions. The doc we went to in Manipal, didn't help by telling us it was a crime to put kids less than 3.5 years in a daycare. We told him both of us work and we don't have a choice, he came back saying what are you earning for, this is a big price to pay etc. I told him, this could have happened anywhere, and he still persisted on his agenda. I just left it. I hate people who do that.

Then I was (and am) feeling angry about the daycare. I don't think they are maintaining the student:teacher ratio that they promised, and I intend to talk to them about it. This is the third time the son is falling and it gets worse every time.

But then I remember the tenants upstairs. They are a young couple and the girl had gone to her hometown to attend some wedding and in a very freak accident, she got hit by a bull and had to stay in bed for >20 days. She is still unable to get up and do her work on her own and is attended by her mom and other relatives. Whom can she blame? I am not sure.

So trying to find out which boy pushed the son and caused so much pain to him is like trying to find out which bull hit her. You basically cannot do a thing about either. So I get philosophical and lap up my own anger and pain. This is life I guess! Phew!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


(This happened on May14th, I had it in my drafts)

We were on the way back home from the daycare after the PTA meet. When we reached CABS (3 minutes from home), the son finished playing with everything he could and wanted to drive. So he went and sat with his Dad. But eventually he wanted to drive all by himself and was pushing away Subhash's hand. When Subhash kept bringing his hand back to the steering, the son was mighty annoyed. He wanted to drive by himself. So he hit me hard. I asked him why he was hitting me of all the people, I had done nothing. So he did a 180 degree turn, aimed and slapped Subhash hard on his cheeks. Neither of us really expected this. But both of us started laughing. It was too funny and sudden ;)

My son, I tell you. One amazing guy ;)

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


When we were in Hyd this time, I was managing in laws' house for a few days while Subhash's mom was out. And her maid apparently was inquiring about me yesterday asking if I liked her work etc. And she asked my mother in law where her second son was, since she mentioned she has two sons and she didn't see the second one. Mother in law said, they were here, right, second son and daughter-in-law. Maid was shocked and told my mother in law that she assumed I was the daughter and Subhash was the son in law. His mom tried convincing her for a few minutes that I was indeed the daughter in law and not the daughter, and the maid just could not come to terms with it ;)

I believe I can take that as a compliment ;) ;)

Speaking of compliments, I got a really nice one from my father in law very recently. He said I was managing everything very well and that my planning was perfect. Somehow I thought of my parents suddenly. Had they not brought me up the way they did, I'd probably be a very different person today. Some genes inherited, some qualities instilled when raising us, we are just the sum total of what they made us :) Thanks Mummy and Dad!!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Back from a break

And I realized that I get nearly 3500 emails every week and a half. I didn't carry my laptop with me this time and I do not possess a Blackberry yet so I was stuck with that many emails to clear last evening and this morning. And Entourage for MAC downloads at the rate of 10 emails a minute so you can imagine my frustration at the client because I respond to emails only to figure it downloads a few more from that chain an hour later, yuck!

I really hate Microsoft Office for Mac. Especially Entourage. It leaves a lot to be desired. Or maybe it is by design?