Wednesday, July 06, 2011


When we were in Hyd this time, I was managing in laws' house for a few days while Subhash's mom was out. And her maid apparently was inquiring about me yesterday asking if I liked her work etc. And she asked my mother in law where her second son was, since she mentioned she has two sons and she didn't see the second one. Mother in law said, they were here, right, second son and daughter-in-law. Maid was shocked and told my mother in law that she assumed I was the daughter and Subhash was the son in law. His mom tried convincing her for a few minutes that I was indeed the daughter in law and not the daughter, and the maid just could not come to terms with it ;)

I believe I can take that as a compliment ;) ;)

Speaking of compliments, I got a really nice one from my father in law very recently. He said I was managing everything very well and that my planning was perfect. Somehow I thought of my parents suddenly. Had they not brought me up the way they did, I'd probably be a very different person today. Some genes inherited, some qualities instilled when raising us, we are just the sum total of what they made us :) Thanks Mummy and Dad!!


Anonymous said...

Not just any compliment .. the ultimate one :)

This is the mother of all compliments (pun intended)

DivSu said...

@Anonymous - Thanks! ;)

Anonymous said...

One can be a daughter if in-laws treat the girl as a daughter.COngrats on such wonderful in-laws.Very few adults in India are broad minded.

Anonymous said...

To a large extent in any marriage, it depends on how the husband and his family treat the new entrant and if they are nice, it is reciprocated too.

Vani said...

Wow that truly is amazing.I was imagining the maid's face in disbelief :-)As an additional thought , always treat in-laws as your own parents. always ask yourself would you comment like this/act like this with your own parents. It always works for me!

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