Friday, September 18, 2009

Two days and counting..

Days get lazier and lazier. Work is one thing which fills some time with purpose. Else with mom taking over everything in the house, I am hardly left with anything to do. I am told to enjoy this time since I won't be getting it back. That stack of Poirot novels I bought (for a smash deal - 6 for 450, BTW at Crossword) is at the last one, I am reading with a vengeance.

Well, but no worries on boredom. The nation's politics always provides food for thought and humor.

First it is all the brouhaha in AP over Jagan becoming CM. And poor Mr. Rosiah feeling "neglected". I say, this Jagan fellow's presumptions to power are admirable. He can simply silence all the chamchas by saying please lets just run the government stably, and tell his "fans" to not waste time and not kill themselves for him. But no. Then what would happen to his god-incarnate image? (According to a GEMINI TV documentary he is none less than god re-incarnated and brought down to earth to save he world. And he is the one and only suitable CM candidate in AP. So lets just focus on that alright?)

So the fact that he wants to be the CM is quite obvious. And although Rosiah is trying to clear away files at a marathon pace (I cannot find a link to the article in ToI which said he cleared some 450 files in one go), I don't think anybody in Congress cares. And well, the state continues to suffer from high lentils prices, floods and water logging from an aggressive monsoon and what else not. (All that is thanks to YSR, BTW, but he is like a martyr now, for reasons no one knows, so one cannot blame him anymore without being prosecuted by GEMINI TV).

So let the party go on.

And Mr. Tharoor I am most sorry for. His sense of humour is not appreciated by chamchas of madamji. So what is new? Nothing. There are plenty of blogs written about how we feed the Gandhi dynasty out of our hands while we lap up their stupid austerity drives with elan. So I don't need to write anymore. But well, it makes for a good laugh how Jayanthi Natarajan is skipping and hopping mad all over the place (and TV channels) wringing about it.

Then why in the world have I switched to watching "Jaani Dushman" and "Judaai" on Zee Cinema instead of tuning into our austere news channels, the past couple days? I even traded all this fun for "Chori Cori Chupke Chupke" about 3-4 days ago. I must be going nuts!

Monday, September 07, 2009


I never imagined I would pursue a career in engineering this long. (I've expressed my own surprise at it even in some of my earlier posts). I always used to think, after engineering it would be work for a couple years, then an MBA and then out of the tech line forever. But things turned out quite differently. It was not only a Masters right after engineering (in Science that too) but a full-fledged engineering career. And the best part is that I enjoyed it all so I stuck on. Computer Networking as an industry and a profession had me hooked. A CCIE later, I'd say I rather enjoyed the ride :) Today, I reached an all new milestone in the engineering career path. Engineering management. Been soaking in this role for exactly 6 months now, but today came the official title of "manager". Feels real good. Now all I hope for is that I never lose sight of the technical end of it while continuing to grow the "people management" part of it :) And hoping I never end up in a situation where my team doesn't understand me and I don't understand my team. Need to keep perspective now more than ever :) Keeping fingers crossed that I should stay put on the right path.

Mom is here finally, she came last week. And its been such a relief to have her around, took most of the kitchen work off my list. But I think she gets bored at home while I go to work, so trying to do a little bit of working from home at least a couple of days a week. It is not really fair after all, she is here for me, taking off from work and I am going away to work. I feel sorry for her. But then, she has ever been the enterprising type, so she finds one thing or another to keep her busy :)

As usual in the wait mode. Less than two weeks to go to D-Day. Hoping all will be well!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hormones in overdrive

It is funny how when you are infested with hormones, the whole world looks ugly! Almost funny that is..

Normally what you would be very proud of, suddenly you pity yourself for. And if you know how much I hate self-pity in people, you can imagine what a messy whirlwind I have been in. Pitying myself and then hating myself for it. And then feeling weird about it all. And then suddenly wondering what the hell is wrong with me because this is a complete new me that I have never been even acquainted with, sigh!

Me is hoping it is just the hormones and the effect won't be long lasting :) And that I will not become a permanently damaged character ;) And my sleeplessness is not at all helping :((

Well, hopefully it will all be over soon. 20 more days to go for the baby to come :) As always I am the eternal optimist ;)

Now let's see if planning a vacation will help. Long term vacation but heck, I can plan from now, can I not? :)