Sunday, September 13, 2015

We all ..

After a much awaited wait, father in law finally came back from his US sojourn today. Now the family feels complete again. The younger one has picked up so much conversation in the time that he was away that it is mind-blowing. He keeps them thoroughly entertained.

I know I've said it so many times and almost sound like a broken record now, but it is hard to imagine what life would be like without having parents around. When my dad goes away for a few days or mom leaves for work for sometime or father in law travels every now and then, it feels very vacant and void. When they are back, it is like a happy re-union. I feel thankful for being in this place and time and with family. Nothing really beats it. Needless to say the pampering the kids get from grandparents is truly unparalleled! And it is an experience I wouldn't have them miss for anything else in the world.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Dear WM..

Dear Digital Weighing Machine @ Cisco

It has been a long and arduous journey. And a harrowing one too at times. But we did it!

The journey started a year ago, almost exactly to date too. At 62-point-something. This time I was determined and there were no excuses, no more kids to come, no more reason to hoard all that weight. I also had access to a gym now unlike the prior years when I was on my own. Bottom-line - nothing was to stop us.

I remember walking nearly 700 meters to see you every week when I was in a building farther off. As the steam picked up (and I felt the need to walk more), the visits became more frequent. Till we met daily. I often wondered if the receptionist at the health care center thought that I was mad. But one had to do what one had to do.

Then I moved closer, and it became easier. Just a flight of stairs.

Some days you were stubborn. For weeks together, you would insist on showing the same numbers or even worse, higher! There were days when I would come expecting great stuff and be sorely disappointed. There were days when I would come out of only sheer habit and would be shocked to see a positively low number. Mixed feelings, eh?

But finally today, you acquiesced. You showed me what I wanted to see for one whole year! We did it, together. 

It was a lot of sweat (literally) and hard work - but you always kept me challenged and motivated. Especially those last 2 KGs were excruciatingly elusive - took a whopping 4 months to shed! 

Some other helping hands in the journey - those shoes and that gym..

I am going to miss having a goal to meet - but that is quite alright! The big thing is, we made it!!

Your ardent follower..

PS: I have to thank My Nokia Phone for getting me into the step counting business, and for counting my calories for me every single day!