Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Dear WM..

Dear Digital Weighing Machine @ Cisco

It has been a long and arduous journey. And a harrowing one too at times. But we did it!

The journey started a year ago, almost exactly to date too. At 62-point-something. This time I was determined and there were no excuses, no more kids to come, no more reason to hoard all that weight. I also had access to a gym now unlike the prior years when I was on my own. Bottom-line - nothing was to stop us.

I remember walking nearly 700 meters to see you every week when I was in a building farther off. As the steam picked up (and I felt the need to walk more), the visits became more frequent. Till we met daily. I often wondered if the receptionist at the health care center thought that I was mad. But one had to do what one had to do.

Then I moved closer, and it became easier. Just a flight of stairs.

Some days you were stubborn. For weeks together, you would insist on showing the same numbers or even worse, higher! There were days when I would come expecting great stuff and be sorely disappointed. There were days when I would come out of only sheer habit and would be shocked to see a positively low number. Mixed feelings, eh?

But finally today, you acquiesced. You showed me what I wanted to see for one whole year! We did it, together. 

It was a lot of sweat (literally) and hard work - but you always kept me challenged and motivated. Especially those last 2 KGs were excruciatingly elusive - took a whopping 4 months to shed! 

Some other helping hands in the journey - those shoes and that gym..

I am going to miss having a goal to meet - but that is quite alright! The big thing is, we made it!!

Your ardent follower..

PS: I have to thank My Nokia Phone for getting me into the step counting business, and for counting my calories for me every single day!


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