Thursday, December 25, 2008


Thanks to a slow economy, our next-to-non-existent share value and all other such calamities combined, we have been asked to shutdown for the last week of December. Its pretty normal for all Bay Area big-wigs but this is the first time Cisco is also toeing that line.

Well, as a result of this, I am finally at the beginning of a much needed break. After two months of pretty nasty days, work, renovation, cooking, cleaning, more work, late night calls, early morning reluctant wake-ups and so on and so forth, I was desperately looking forward to this.

I wished all my colleagues "Happy Holidays" just like I would in school before we were off for Dasara/Christmas vacations. Felt good. Of course, I have offered to work remotely on the condition that I get broadband in my new place when we move this weekend, but still, not having to physically go anywhere is a big relief. I think I have fed the auto-drivers in the city for them to last a year ;)

Now I am thinking, ohh no, I have to move. Pack, move and unpack. I HATE that routine so much, its unbelievable. I want to be done with it soon so that I can truly unwind.

But looking forward, now that I have a decent amount of time on my hands, I am not actually sure what to do with it. I am already wondering how to fill that time. Tell-tale signs of workaholism, damn!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Done at last!

With the housewarming that is. And with that whirlwind that people normally call one week.

First we were two, then we were four, Subhash's parents joined us. Then we were seven with K and P and my god-daughter Am. She was such a cutie! Totally fell in love with her.

Before K came, Subhash's brother's in-laws had come. We showed them the place and I think they liked it. Then I showed the place to K who also liked it. Subhash's parents liked what we did with the house as well, albeit were worrying about how tired we were looking at the end of this ordeal.

Then came Friday and 4 became 11. My parents, my sis, Subhash's aunt and both the purohiths (priests) arrived from Hyd. Friday we slept @ 11 PM and Saturday morning @ 4.55 AM was the housewarming muhurat. 3 hours of sleep and much sleep deprivation later we arrived at the house in time and started the function in time, and luckily all went well and quite smooth. We had quite the nice house-warming complete with the cow entering the house (which is considered auspicious) and the purohiths doing an excellent job with the proceedings. I was missing some family that couldn't make it, but otherwise we had a good 50-55 people turnout and luckily it passed off well without hiccups. One regrettable thing was that my sis and Subhash's cousin along with my mom had to share the entire burden of all the work, I am so thankful that they were around though, things could have easily gotten out of hand otherwise :)

I got two brand new sarees which have oil spots all over them now, result of day long pujas. One beatiful Mysore Silk Saree that my mom bought in Mysore (when you hold it, you can actually feel the crepes) and one Kanchi silk saree that Subhash's mom bought. The one saree that was spared was the one my mom bought for the second half, which I luckily was in no shape to change into, else it would have met with the same fate.

One of the JNTU gang girlfriends left this message on my Facebook Wall. I suppose that should sum it up ;)

sure babes...send them on!!! Pictures my fav !!!! hey btw...Very nicely arranged House warminmg ceromony...It was perfect.. no confusions abt lunch serving.. return gifts handling...just loved the positive vibes u all created on your special day..i as a guest totally had a goood traditional party...Hats off to ur Attha's who worked wonders after the puja...inspite thier age...i was sooo touched...God keep thier good health and high spirits...The silver tulsi plant is an awesome idea.. who's was it????

There now, go figure!

Now onto the finishing and moving house. I so hate moving. (In the last 7 years I probably moved houses at least 8 times, maximum frequency when I was a student @ Madison!)

Hopefully this one will be the last one for at least the next couple of years. Hopefully!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Some more good stuff

K is coming today! After she leaves, S comes in to Bangalore. She is one of my oldest and dearest friends and I am so glad she is here for the housewarming :) The only ditchy thing in this whole affair is that I will hardly get to spend any quality time with her, but that is ok, at least I get to see her :D Besides, we spent some good time when she visited me earlier this year ;)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Good stuff

-Went to see my parents off @ Majestic. I was able to barely make it in time, but it was good to see them nevertheless. My mom brought along some idlis and really yummy "allam pachadi" (Ginger chutney) which I ate like a pig, I was feeling nauseated for some reason after the cab ride. I should learn how my mom makes that allam pachadi, man!

-Today was marathon calls day. My phone has probably never been so inundated with incoming calls. Every 5 minutes I spent on the phone resulted in two missed calls and so on. You get the idea.

-Looks like I will get that Corelle set!!! Yay!!! The gang asked what I wanted for the housewarming and I told them that apart from the Corelle stuff and a water fountain we had not really planned on buying anything. Both S's loved the Corelle idea I think and decided to get us that :D

-Mom bought me some all and sundry for the new house. Some, part of the mandatory "parents should give" list and some she thought I would like. One of them was this beautiful huge brass lamps set which I totally love. The other is a betel leaves plant and considering how much I love pan, I am happy with that, except that I think she should come over and live with us and tend to the plants herself, I highly doubt how green my thumb is ;)

-Looks like Pakistan is finally shaking/ruffling some feathers. I wonder what motivated Congress? The upcoming elections? OK, will not be a spoil-sport, all is well that ends well. So long as we nail at least some of the jokers we are good.

-My best friend K is visiting. After long speculations, she finally decided to come over to Bangalore from Hyd taking time off her already short trip to India. I just booked her tickets this afternoon. Its been a while since I met her and most importantly I haven't seen her baby, my god-daughter, after she was born :D So I am all excited.

Now on to the last week before we are done with all the house work and prepare for more work on the housewarming. Wish me luck!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Right-only lanes finally!

I've seen them at least in a couple of junctions. One at the Wind Tunnel Road junction on Old Airport Road and the other at the Intel junction on Outer Ring Road. Small construction cones neatly lined up along one-car width from the meridian, indicating that if people should turn right, they ought to come in there.

How do they enforce this? @ Wind Tunnel Road jn, they simply line the cones along the lane and then continue them all the way to the opposite side meridian. Something like this

Brilliant idea! Considering that just drawing the line and saying it is right only won't help. No one is going to listen at all! Of course, this junction is unique since for people coming on the opposite side, there is no right turn possible, so it can be enforced this way. It cannot be done at all junctions.

@ the Intel Junction however, there is actually a moderately senior traffic cop who stands there and makes sure he abuses anyone who crosses the line and tries to take a right. Good for him I say.

Considering what a nightmare it is when you have to go straight and you have someone overtake you from the left and cut bang in front of you for a right turn (or even worse, 3/4th of the road filled with people waiting for a right-turn signal, blocking the road for people who have to go straight when they have a green), this is a life-saver. Bangalore's Traffic commissioner seems to be showing some initiative. And a lot of good sense.

Conspiracy theorists, you have been warned!

I have been seeing comments to this post, some even posting video links and "intelligently" musing about if there is some conspiracy theory behind the Mumbai blasts.

Beliefs are beliefs and if you choose to believe that the Mumbai blasts were perpetrated by Hindus/home-grown politicians with the sole purpose of eliminating ATS officers and/or to be used as an excuse to blame Pakistan, then please, spare this blog. Especially if you don't have enough spine to leave a name. Your comments will NOT be published. Period.

For one, I do not believe in any such bozo crap.


No great sense or logic needed there. The people who control and rule our country are simply not enterprising enough to hatch any kind of conspiracy. At least I do not believe so. I would like to see our netas and babus take charge, put on the cap of revenge, say enough is enough and send people under cover into Pakistan and silently start eliminating all the bloody terrorists and make it look like they died fighting each other. But alas! Our netas are too busy making money, some babus too are equally busy, and the rest of the babus who are not inclined to make money by corrupt means, are stalled by the political machinery and can't do much else to help the country out.

If we were the conspiring type, we would have hatched a conspiracy against our neighbors whenever they dared to come to war with us. Why, even if you forget all of the older history, just for the cheek that Musharraf showed during Kargil war, right after defeating them, we would have conspired and rooted them all out. But did we? No. Why? We are, as a nation, simply too inert. That is all. And the politicians are too busy working themselves up about how to stay in power and/or how to make more money that they have no time to think sensibly of ways (by hook or by crook) to clean up the filth on our borders.

I say again, the Pakistani media guys are bloody rogues. For instigating people and for putting forth some zombie theories. I will continue to think so. So before you give me any intelligent advice and wisecracks, you have been warned. If you attempt to do so, I shall mince no words of abuse.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Mommy dear

While I was writing about my enterprising mom and how she made sure I stuck in the electoral rolls, I realized, yeah, she IS very enterprising. She is simply the pillar on which our entire family rests. I know that my Dad gets very restless very fast without her, I mean, without her its simply boring for the three of us sitting together :)

Subhash says she is one of the most practical people he has met. Given a situation, her reaction is usually very earthy. In her age and time (in her early twenties maybe), she stood by her dad and helped him support a family of 11, which I must say, is very admirable for the time in which it was done. Heck! Its admirable even for today's standards. But in her age, women even working was quite a thing.

She is also one of the strongest people I know. The strongest in constitution I mean. At 50 I think she is healthier than I might ever be :) Thanks to an iron-will to beat all odds.

She gave up a lot many things in life so she could stay at home and see us grow up. I made her happy in most things and disappointed her expectations in some. But I always hope to grow to be like her, outgoing, enterprising, daring and affectionate.

Have a happy life mom!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Some things

Saturday was majorly upsetting. My uncle who had long been suffering passed away :( And my parents would no longer be able to make it to the housewarming. So we had it postponed. We were already extremely tired from going the length and breadth of the city (Outer Ring Road to Chickpet to Horamavu and back home), and this extra mental burden of bad news didn't help. It was probably one of the worst days in the recent past. Till I was clear that my parents would be able to make it and we had an alternate date I was in BAD shape.

Monday and Tuesday got better. Beginning on an upward ramp at work yet again. I am hoping it will be a slow ramp since traveling out and about for the renovation work is not leaving me much time for work outside work hours.

And the drama over the bomb blasts and our serious joker-politicians bumbling even further by referring to dogs continues. Saw some shocking Pakistani media coverage and examples of how they instigate people, incense them and drive them towards violence. Bloody rogues! Period.

Cisco has started sniffing all cars entering campus. Better watch out your back, no government is going to help. A lesson well learnt. I heard about some 49-O vote type thingy. Thanks to my enterprising mom, I think I can now vote, at least in Hyd. She made sure we were stuck in the lists. I will vote, if for nothing else, at least to uproot Mr. I-will-not-even-open-my-eyes-if-Sonia-says-I-shouldn't Singh from his PM-giri.

As a best example of "Cisco working for Cisco" I took a chance to see my ex-boss on TelePresence. It was good. This TelePresence thingy does make a huge difference to the experience. Go Cisco!

A load of crap!

A conversation overheard @ Pizza Hut on Inner Ring Road, Koramangala yesterday while we were having pizzas (I love desi Pizzas!)

Three guys come in. My reactions in (parentheses)

Guy 1 (Lets call him SN1): Water, no ice. (Uh-oh, potential blogging material, what with all that accent)
Both chelas (presumably younger aspiring engineers) : Listening and listening..
SN1: In the US, if you say "Water without ice" they don't understand, you have to say "Water, no ice" (Yeah right you moron but this is not the US)
Chelas: Listening
SN1: (After a lot more "Ohh in the US its like this" conversation): In the US, you don't eat Pizza without Coke, you should order Coke. (Well you idiot, they make perfectly marvelous Masala Lemonade here, but dumbs like you do NOT deserve to have that.
Chelas: Hmm..listening
SN1: In the US, you only get bland food, I want to have something spicy.
Chelas: Still listening
Waiter: May I take your order sir.
SN1: I want to order X-Y-Z. See, I always have bland pizzas in the US, I want to order something spicy, can I get X-Y-Z?

Goddammit man! Get a life.

If you boast with the poor chelas I can understand. How can you be so desperately seeking attention from everyone including the waiters?! I don't even want to tell you what a laughing stock you become.