Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Mommy dear

While I was writing about my enterprising mom and how she made sure I stuck in the electoral rolls, I realized, yeah, she IS very enterprising. She is simply the pillar on which our entire family rests. I know that my Dad gets very restless very fast without her, I mean, without her its simply boring for the three of us sitting together :)

Subhash says she is one of the most practical people he has met. Given a situation, her reaction is usually very earthy. In her age and time (in her early twenties maybe), she stood by her dad and helped him support a family of 11, which I must say, is very admirable for the time in which it was done. Heck! Its admirable even for today's standards. But in her age, women even working was quite a thing.

She is also one of the strongest people I know. The strongest in constitution I mean. At 50 I think she is healthier than I might ever be :) Thanks to an iron-will to beat all odds.

She gave up a lot many things in life so she could stay at home and see us grow up. I made her happy in most things and disappointed her expectations in some. But I always hope to grow to be like her, outgoing, enterprising, daring and affectionate.

Have a happy life mom!


Anonymous said...

aka - keeping it real

Shaila said...

Beautiful piece of ur mom!!! I understood my mom's scrifices she did for me and my brother much later than I should have...Now that I am older and a mom myself, it is so clear why she had those rules for us. NObody can replace a dear mother. Kudos!! to our moms..

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