Friday, December 05, 2008

Conspiracy theorists, you have been warned!

I have been seeing comments to this post, some even posting video links and "intelligently" musing about if there is some conspiracy theory behind the Mumbai blasts.

Beliefs are beliefs and if you choose to believe that the Mumbai blasts were perpetrated by Hindus/home-grown politicians with the sole purpose of eliminating ATS officers and/or to be used as an excuse to blame Pakistan, then please, spare this blog. Especially if you don't have enough spine to leave a name. Your comments will NOT be published. Period.

For one, I do not believe in any such bozo crap.


No great sense or logic needed there. The people who control and rule our country are simply not enterprising enough to hatch any kind of conspiracy. At least I do not believe so. I would like to see our netas and babus take charge, put on the cap of revenge, say enough is enough and send people under cover into Pakistan and silently start eliminating all the bloody terrorists and make it look like they died fighting each other. But alas! Our netas are too busy making money, some babus too are equally busy, and the rest of the babus who are not inclined to make money by corrupt means, are stalled by the political machinery and can't do much else to help the country out.

If we were the conspiring type, we would have hatched a conspiracy against our neighbors whenever they dared to come to war with us. Why, even if you forget all of the older history, just for the cheek that Musharraf showed during Kargil war, right after defeating them, we would have conspired and rooted them all out. But did we? No. Why? We are, as a nation, simply too inert. That is all. And the politicians are too busy working themselves up about how to stay in power and/or how to make more money that they have no time to think sensibly of ways (by hook or by crook) to clean up the filth on our borders.

I say again, the Pakistani media guys are bloody rogues. For instigating people and for putting forth some zombie theories. I will continue to think so. So before you give me any intelligent advice and wisecracks, you have been warned. If you attempt to do so, I shall mince no words of abuse.


Guest said...

wow, so much anger, that's nice, "sach hamesha kadwa hota hai", so what else can be expected from a sore loser, blinded and brainwashed by the media, good bye to your filthy blog, you sound like another sadhvi in the making, all the very best, will read about you make news, bye :))

DivSu said...

Yeah. I am a loser. And you are a stalwart winner. Right. So what will you do next thanks to your brilliance? Will you make news by being caught on CCTV trying to bomb some place, you bozo?

And why are you even talking? You are neither here (India) nor there (Pakistan). So, why don't you just shut your trap and sit in your heated office and enjoy the snowfall? Eh?

Good that you said goodbye. Don't ever come back, ok? OK.

Shilpa said...

You are so right! The politicians lack the guts and the imagination to do something. Neither do the we think it important enough to elect a good leader. BTW there are NO good leaders!

Umang said...

Our spineless leaders are yet again not going to do anything. They are just wasting time with their inaction so that once again the public moves on and things go back to "usual" i.e. the daily grind for subsistence/survival. I suggest the govt. immediately offer pak and the international community 2 options:

1. Pak goes ahead and destroys the terror camps by itself and show evidence of the same. OR
2. India launch surgical strikes and eliminates the terror camps.

This needs to happen ASAP i.e. in the next week or two. Don't bark if you can't bite. :-(

Shubhika Taneja said...

Its extremely disgusting to even think anything other than revenge this time. And the ideas of conspiracy, whoever that was should shut their mouths as their minds are just full of crap and no understanding of what it means for a country to have been a victim of terrorism for 5 decades. Revenge although may not mean going and killing people on the other side of the border, it means taking some sincere initiative. For instance, improving the standards of our naval and land security, giving better equipment to fight to our soldiers, police, commandos. Its such a shame that they didnt even have night vision glasses to fight inside the Taj in the dark. But we do want to see something happen. Like every time, we should not just sit idle and forget a few months after the psychotic act is committed. I hope the public does not forget anything this time and let the politicians relax.

Kishan said...

Good to read a post about the stupid conspiracy theories. I cannot translate my feelings into words when I read such comments and listen to various versions of such theories. You did a great job.

Even my team lead, who otherwise is a very sensible person was telling me that the murder of ATS officer is an inside job. I wanted to ask how he figured that out sitting in LA while there was no trace of proof or at least any claims by anybody to defend his theory.

But, Pakistani conspiracy theory to me is no where near the 9/11 theory where they wanted US citizens to believe that 9/11 was a plan by Bush. What amazes me is the level of detail about the whole plan these people just "Know".

serioussam said...

Good post. These conspiracy theories enraged me too. We can't do anything about it though. Pakistan is a rogue nation in any case, but what saddens me more is that it has become almost a fashion to lump anything and everything on the politicians or Hindu extremism. People speak all kinds of rubbish without even a hint of what happens and has been happening in our country for so many years. Adding you to my blogroll...hope you won't mind.

DivSu said...

@serioussam - Sure, I won't mind at all. I completely agree with you. When Muslims and Christian missionaries try to obliterate Hinduism by conversions/force, nobody says anything. When Hindus retaliate, its extremism, crap!

serioussam said...

I know, it is crap. Although I honestly believe that being in an overhwhelming majority of 80%, the onus of maintaining religious and cultural harmony lies with the Hindus, yes I truly believe that. In India though..there are not two but always three sides to a story, and totally neglecting one is definitely not the answer.

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