Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Done at last!

With the housewarming that is. And with that whirlwind that people normally call one week.

First we were two, then we were four, Subhash's parents joined us. Then we were seven with K and P and my god-daughter Am. She was such a cutie! Totally fell in love with her.

Before K came, Subhash's brother's in-laws had come. We showed them the place and I think they liked it. Then I showed the place to K who also liked it. Subhash's parents liked what we did with the house as well, albeit were worrying about how tired we were looking at the end of this ordeal.

Then came Friday and 4 became 11. My parents, my sis, Subhash's aunt and both the purohiths (priests) arrived from Hyd. Friday we slept @ 11 PM and Saturday morning @ 4.55 AM was the housewarming muhurat. 3 hours of sleep and much sleep deprivation later we arrived at the house in time and started the function in time, and luckily all went well and quite smooth. We had quite the nice house-warming complete with the cow entering the house (which is considered auspicious) and the purohiths doing an excellent job with the proceedings. I was missing some family that couldn't make it, but otherwise we had a good 50-55 people turnout and luckily it passed off well without hiccups. One regrettable thing was that my sis and Subhash's cousin along with my mom had to share the entire burden of all the work, I am so thankful that they were around though, things could have easily gotten out of hand otherwise :)

I got two brand new sarees which have oil spots all over them now, result of day long pujas. One beatiful Mysore Silk Saree that my mom bought in Mysore (when you hold it, you can actually feel the crepes) and one Kanchi silk saree that Subhash's mom bought. The one saree that was spared was the one my mom bought for the second half, which I luckily was in no shape to change into, else it would have met with the same fate.

One of the JNTU gang girlfriends left this message on my Facebook Wall. I suppose that should sum it up ;)

sure babes...send them on!!! Pictures my fav !!!! hey btw...Very nicely arranged House warminmg ceromony...It was perfect.. no confusions abt lunch serving.. return gifts handling...just loved the positive vibes u all created on your special day..i as a guest totally had a goood traditional party...Hats off to ur Attha's who worked wonders after the puja...inspite thier age...i was sooo touched...God keep thier good health and high spirits...The silver tulsi plant is an awesome idea.. who's was it????

There now, go figure!

Now onto the finishing and moving house. I so hate moving. (In the last 7 years I probably moved houses at least 8 times, maximum frequency when I was a student @ Madison!)

Hopefully this one will be the last one for at least the next couple of years. Hopefully!


Lavanya said...

When someone does something for you out of love, there is no burden felt. We enjoyed helping you out. What are sisters for :) Congratulations on your new home once more! Wish you all happiness for future ...

DivSu said...

Thank you thank you :)

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