Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Some things

Saturday was majorly upsetting. My uncle who had long been suffering passed away :( And my parents would no longer be able to make it to the housewarming. So we had it postponed. We were already extremely tired from going the length and breadth of the city (Outer Ring Road to Chickpet to Horamavu and back home), and this extra mental burden of bad news didn't help. It was probably one of the worst days in the recent past. Till I was clear that my parents would be able to make it and we had an alternate date I was in BAD shape.

Monday and Tuesday got better. Beginning on an upward ramp at work yet again. I am hoping it will be a slow ramp since traveling out and about for the renovation work is not leaving me much time for work outside work hours.

And the drama over the bomb blasts and our serious joker-politicians bumbling even further by referring to dogs continues. Saw some shocking Pakistani media coverage and examples of how they instigate people, incense them and drive them towards violence. Bloody rogues! Period.

Cisco has started sniffing all cars entering campus. Better watch out your back, no government is going to help. A lesson well learnt. I heard about some 49-O vote type thingy. Thanks to my enterprising mom, I think I can now vote, at least in Hyd. She made sure we were stuck in the lists. I will vote, if for nothing else, at least to uproot Mr. I-will-not-even-open-my-eyes-if-Sonia-says-I-shouldn't Singh from his PM-giri.

As a best example of "Cisco working for Cisco" I took a chance to see my ex-boss on TelePresence. It was good. This TelePresence thingy does make a huge difference to the experience. Go Cisco!


SK said...

Hey Divs,

Congrats on the home! Where did you buy it finally?
My condolences for your Uncle, its been a year of death news at my side as well.

Hope everything works out well! :--)

DivSu said...

Thanks ya! Its in an area called Murugeshpalya, near old Bangalore airport.

Yeah too much death news this year :(

Anonymous said...
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DivSu said...

Some spineless Anonymous rogues are putting comments on here with some video links which apparently "expose" the truth and supposedly the truth is some conspiracy theory.

By my whole point on the "Bloody Rogue" Pakistani media is that they instigate people into violence. "When India asked for ISI chief, we should have sent armed forces" and all that bull shit.

So that still makes Pakistani media "bloody rogues" make no mistake about that.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle.

The dogs cracked me up - the first day they had these cute labs they must have borrowed from some pet owners. They were definitely not search dogs - the handler was nudging the dog and pointing and urging it "idhar dekho"! At least now they have those professional looking Alsatians.


DivSu said...

I know! The first day was quite a sight ! ;)

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