Friday, December 12, 2008

Good stuff

-Went to see my parents off @ Majestic. I was able to barely make it in time, but it was good to see them nevertheless. My mom brought along some idlis and really yummy "allam pachadi" (Ginger chutney) which I ate like a pig, I was feeling nauseated for some reason after the cab ride. I should learn how my mom makes that allam pachadi, man!

-Today was marathon calls day. My phone has probably never been so inundated with incoming calls. Every 5 minutes I spent on the phone resulted in two missed calls and so on. You get the idea.

-Looks like I will get that Corelle set!!! Yay!!! The gang asked what I wanted for the housewarming and I told them that apart from the Corelle stuff and a water fountain we had not really planned on buying anything. Both S's loved the Corelle idea I think and decided to get us that :D

-Mom bought me some all and sundry for the new house. Some, part of the mandatory "parents should give" list and some she thought I would like. One of them was this beautiful huge brass lamps set which I totally love. The other is a betel leaves plant and considering how much I love pan, I am happy with that, except that I think she should come over and live with us and tend to the plants herself, I highly doubt how green my thumb is ;)

-Looks like Pakistan is finally shaking/ruffling some feathers. I wonder what motivated Congress? The upcoming elections? OK, will not be a spoil-sport, all is well that ends well. So long as we nail at least some of the jokers we are good.

-My best friend K is visiting. After long speculations, she finally decided to come over to Bangalore from Hyd taking time off her already short trip to India. I just booked her tickets this afternoon. Its been a while since I met her and most importantly I haven't seen her baby, my god-daughter, after she was born :D So I am all excited.

Now on to the last week before we are done with all the house work and prepare for more work on the housewarming. Wish me luck!


Laksh said...

Tons of good wishes for the house warming! Sounds like everything is falling in place beautifully. Have a fun time with your friend

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and happy housewarming, amayee!

Vijay said...

Hi Divya,

Congratulations!!! I always feel very happy reading your blog.Keep up the good work and wish you luck.

Anonymous said...

Hey Divs,
Good luck!
And congrats again on the home. :--)))
Must be an exciting time for sure!! :--))


DivSu said...

Ohh! Thanks a lot everyone. So many good wishes, its overwhelming :)

Smitha said...

All the best!!! And wishing you fun filled memories in YOUR HOME :-)

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