Monday, January 30, 2012

What a final.

First, I confess, I did not follow anything in the Australian Open, except the last 2 hours of yesterday's match.

Yesterday, I also figured exactly why I stopped watching any kind of sport. I hate to have to go through the vicarious sense of loss. It is all ok when whomever you are rooting for wins, but when they lose, it is just way too much waste of emotions on a loss that is not even your own! I think when I was younger I could afford it maybe(?) but of late, I have completely shut off because I have other things to prioritize and feel a sense of loss towards..

So anyways, I stopped watching the match, when, in the fourth set, Djok could have broken serve but did not. He looked too tired. And I didn't want to see him lose, I was rooting for him (I know a lot of people will hate me, but I never liked Rafa ;), his sport is too rowdy, too burlish). But when we turned on the TV to see they were still neck to neck in the fifth set, I figured both are equally good/bad/tired/mentally tough and just watched it through. What a match! And what a reaction at the end from Djok, perfect! His relief (more than happiness) came from the pits of his stomach and everyone could see that. During the presentation which was short already, neither was able to stand on their own, total physical exhaustion! Full paisa vasool match for all those guys who stayed in that stadium till 2 AM!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Two months..

Today was another monthly ceremony for Subhash's mom. We did it at home and crossing fingers for that. This time we both were worried about being able to do it at home since we were having a tough time finding the right purohit/cook for it. Thanks to his aunts, in no small way, we finally found and closed on Friday night within 2-3 hours!! And slept in peace. Today we started around noon and wrapped up around 3.30. One more down, 11 more to go. I am hoping and wishing we can get everything done as per plan, at home.

Two months past how is life? Routine, moving at a nice comfortable pace. We get adjusted one more bit every day.

Somehow I felt in the few days following her death, that going forward, we don't have to worry about anything. Somehow, through some unknown medium,  I think a message came across to me that she will take care of things for us going forward. When things go wrong, I actually feel someone is fixing them up. Or making it a little less painful to bear. I believe it is her, maybe it is just my faith :)

Again, whenever I look back on the past year, I feel good that we did what best we could for her. Especially in that last 10 days she was at home. I fed her the last meal she ever had. Gave her the last bath she ever took. Huge satisfaction factors. No regrets. I think this keeps me in peace.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011, the year gone by!

2011 was possibly one of the worst years in the recent past for me (if not ever). The kid fell sick with an amazing regularity, and the one very early in the year was absolutely very scary. Subhash's mom fell sick around the middle of the year and then on, it was a bi-monthly trip to the hospital for her till she finally succumbed in November. It has been one hell of a year ridden with tension and apprehension about what tomorrow will bring with it.

Possibly the only positive was that I recovered very well professionally, thanks to a decision to switch teams last year. Professionally 2011 was way better than 2010, I have to admit.

Here is hoping that 2012 will be much better (provided the world does not end by then!!!)