Friday, August 19, 2016

Small mercies!

Thank you to God for helping me survive the worst day yet in this year, yesterday. Started with me having a nasty fall at 5 in the morning. I've been running distance since 15 years and never once did such a thing happen. One second I was thinking of Ayana's technique, next second I was wondering why I was flying, and the third I was flat on a black top road on my right hand. The only silver lining being that I had no major injuries and was able to run 5k after the fall. But the right palm and shoulder were bruised badly and hurt like hell. I get to work thinking the worst is over when my worried mom calls after a couple of hours and suggests we take my father in law to the hospital. He had fever which was down by Wednesday only to suddenly recur on Thursday. After 7-8 hours at the hospital with him, I get home to find my older one running a temperature and throwing up whatever he ate. In all this, my right palm and shoulder continued to go worse..

Phew 😌 for all that, this morning went like a dream. I was able to run my usual today. I literally single-handedly, since my right hand was of no use and Subhash was at the hospital with father-in-law, got kids ready for school, and I was actually happy that both of them were healthy enough to even be going to school! Could've danced even with my painful hand, so glad I was.

Hope to not have another day like this ever!

Like the eternal optimist, I was happy waking up this morning that things weren't much worse, they could have been, I could have broken some bones, my father in law's diagnosis could have been a lot more serious, my parents might have been out of town, and I would have had to fend for myself etc etc. Thank god for small and big mercies and thank god for family!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fifteen already?!

Yesterday was Dad's birthday - which means today was the day I left home to pursue my own path in life! It has been 15 years to date! What surprises me more than the fact that it is 15 years already is that it just seems like yesterday that I wrote that 10-year note - the last five years have gone by in a snap for sure - God knows where! But the point is, I had fun, I had a lot of fun. Except, of course when I had to see my mother-in-law off to the other world.

So, thank you life! And Happy Birthday Dad! Unlike when I wrote that 10-year note, now we spend all your birthdays together, and that is priceless!

And a shout-out to all my engineering buddies. It also means we finished that engineering course 15 years ago! Gosh, we are growing old..