Thursday, December 25, 2008


Thanks to a slow economy, our next-to-non-existent share value and all other such calamities combined, we have been asked to shutdown for the last week of December. Its pretty normal for all Bay Area big-wigs but this is the first time Cisco is also toeing that line.

Well, as a result of this, I am finally at the beginning of a much needed break. After two months of pretty nasty days, work, renovation, cooking, cleaning, more work, late night calls, early morning reluctant wake-ups and so on and so forth, I was desperately looking forward to this.

I wished all my colleagues "Happy Holidays" just like I would in school before we were off for Dasara/Christmas vacations. Felt good. Of course, I have offered to work remotely on the condition that I get broadband in my new place when we move this weekend, but still, not having to physically go anywhere is a big relief. I think I have fed the auto-drivers in the city for them to last a year ;)

Now I am thinking, ohh no, I have to move. Pack, move and unpack. I HATE that routine so much, its unbelievable. I want to be done with it soon so that I can truly unwind.

But looking forward, now that I have a decent amount of time on my hands, I am not actually sure what to do with it. I am already wondering how to fill that time. Tell-tale signs of workaholism, damn!


Anonymous said...

Hope we get to read more blogs of yours then..

DivSu said...

@Anonymous, thanks! I am also hoping the same ;)

Anonymous said...

I am sure time will fily what with ur new house & arranging - re-arranging & re-arranging..!! u won't even notice what happened to all the time :)

congratualtions btw

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