Friday, January 02, 2009

So much for vacation

One of the readers on this blog commented that now that I have one week of forced vacation, he/she is looking forward to more posts. So much for that ;)

We moved successfully last Saturday and needless to say, the next two days were spend bending and unpacking and ended with never-before-seen backaches ;) But I think I was quite alright by Monday. Since then, I made about 10 calls to Airtel support to make sure they give me broadband on Monday itself, but it did move over to Tuesday. And only at 10 in the night when I was in no mood to logon. Wednesday some myriad pending works around the house later, I discovered by night that the stupid DSL modem would only give internet to my Cisco laptop and not to my wireless router. Nor to my home laptop. Damn! Another 3-4 calls to Airtel guys. Check.

My parents arrived on 31st night. Just in time to catch the New Years. Their flight was late and they ended up coming only at 11.30 PM. I was afraid they'd spend that midnight tick in the Volvo from the airport;)

We made my sis cut the cake (I managed to squeeze time in for and shop, just 10 mins, for a cake), then played Tambola, called a few relatives, wished Subhash's brother and played Tambola for about 2 hours, called it a day (night?) @ 3AM I think.

New Years was good. I missed the whole-hearted fun we used to have when we were kids with my moms sisters' and brother's families. But this year it was a cozy round-the-table sort of celebrations with people that most mattered. First family :) My parents and Subhash's parents. Next year, when I am settled into my new house well, set into a routine and plan for a blast with extended family :D :D

While the parents are here, making the most of it. I learnt some more brilliance from my mom and realized all over again how resourceful she is! She never ceases to stir wonder in me :) And Subhash's mom always tries to help and prepare goodies that I like even though she might not always have the energy. It makes me realize how lucky I got with in-laws. Life is good :)

My parents and his parents are both set to leave this weekend/Monday and I think it will be a bad and lonely week after that. Just the two of us, back to work.

Ohh that reminds me, I have to wake up even earlier from Monday :( I start traveling with Cisco's transportation, (no more BMTC buses :( ) and so have to wait for the cab, sharp at 7.42 AM (make no mistake, the route issued actually said 7.42AM, so precise!)


Smitha said...

Happy New Year!! Glad to know ur all settled into ur home and having a great time with family :-).

And btw we r gonna be 3 ppl soon :-)


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