Tuesday, January 20, 2009


-Living in an independent house is a lot of work. I knew that. Just how much, I am just learning. Now officially I am in battle with rodents. It is a monster mouse (we call it "pandikokku" in Telugu, bandicoot in English) has decided to make my under-top counter in the bathroom, its shitting hole. It comes up everyday (pushing the jaali trap away) shits in the counter and goes back. Although I was pretty sure I closed the trap earlier, when I found the trap at the side, I decided to test it out. So I simply put it back and waited a day. Lo! In the evening today, again it was to the side. So its official. Me or the rodent. So I cleaned up my counter again and put a brick on the trap. If the rodent manages to push it away as well, then I will put a heavier stone.

I hope it dies of an exploded intestine since it can't shit anymore!

-Watching the run up to Obama's inauguration. As usual CNN is going bonkers (stupid, stupid, CNN!!). But the number of people lined up there is unbelievable. I really wonder how everything was managed this far. More than anyone, hats off to the people behind the scenes managing the show!! I wonder how nervous the man in the center is. If I were in his shoes, I would be extremely so. People expect him to overturn everything and afterall he is also a mere mortal. To burden such expectations, I hope god gives him enough strength!!

-The home-grown Methi is coming along pretty well. Dhaniya also has slowly started germinating :)

-I have a new maid. Thanks to all the well-wishers from my previous post, I am hoping my new maid is ok-ish. So far its been hmm.hmm..hmm.. neither way, not great, not bad. So lets wait and see ;)

I really hope that bandicoot is damned!


Anonymous said...

that's pretty sadistic.... "exploded intestines" :) I would suggest offer some cheese to the rodent, be-friend him/her and then how him/her the way to the neighbor's house. Wish farewell and pray it never comes back.

Anonymous said...

Aagh! I think I am crossing independent houses off my list. But then again, my mom had a rat problem and she lives in a flat ..

I'm curious, how do you know it is a bandicoot and not a regular rat? Is it based on the umm.. volume of output?

Caught up with your blog, you are growing methi - that is so cool!


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