Saturday, January 03, 2009

My new phone is here!!!!!!!!


(Continued on Laptop from here)

I gave up at the point where I figured I can't find out where the ")" key is ;) I will wait for Subhash to come home.

This is the new Nokia 5800 Express Music "touch" phone. Public-release is today, January 3rd ;)

But I got it last night itself. How? You ask?

Subhash apparently pre-booked it, and this is only the fourth phone in Bangalore to be booked :D :D. I didn't have any idea that he did because he kept saying he'd buy it for me and I kept saying its quite useless to buy it for me since I am like a retard when it comes to using the high-end phones that he toys around with (he is a very very hi-end phone gadget guy).

Normally, I love surprises and he hates them. So we don't surprise each other at all. But this phone was a huge one, surprise that is. I saw him walk out of the car with a Nokia bag and I asked him why he was late and what this bag was and Lo! this tiny nice little thing was in there. Now, isn't that cute?! :) :) I totally loved it. This is my first hi-tech phone and I am already scared of carrying it around for fear of 1) dropping it to the ground (my last Sony Ericsson should know how bad THAT can get ;) ) and 2) forgetting it and losing it somewhere.

But I am on a real high now with my phone, I never believed I would post a blog from a phone (hello! a phone is for talking) including uploading images and all, but here I am! Going the hi-tech way;)


DeeJay said...

wow.. that is one hot phone for a toy

congratss!! n i hope u hv a blast with it ;)

i felt the same exact thing when VJ wanted to buy me a iphone... i wasn't even pleasantly surprsised when he did.... but a little later did i realize how much i enjoyed it n loved it

DivSu said...

Thanks Deepu!!

Anonymous said...

:) wow congratulations & a happy new year :)

i have express music 5300 :D

and I do got a surprise from my husband this year who is rarely into surprises :)

state of mind? said...

wow..dats a kewl gift!

enjoy the new hi tech phone..:)))

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