Thursday, January 08, 2009

General stuff

Saw off the parents over the weekend. Fell terribly lonely in the new house after that. Much anticipated so it made it a little more bearable.

Started using Cisco transportation. Been 3 days so far and experience has been good except for the first day when the bus fellow didn't quite understand where my stop was and sped right past me. So much so that I thought he might not be my bus (there are multiple cabs on that route, but just one bus, I realized later). And this after calling him twice trying to explain where I am. So in the evening I told him clearly (and nicely, mind you) so since then its been smooth so far ;) The only flip side is that I need to be out of the house by 7.35 and that causes some early morning running around. So far its OK, just some re-shuffling of things I used to do even before, and I am able to manage by waking at the same time that I used to earlier. Cooking and packing lunch, getting ready and having breakfast and leaving the house all put together take 2 hours. Check. I am getting to work between 8 and 8.10 which is great, a good early start is what the doctor always recommends :) (I think my San Jose colleagues will be quite rudely shocked as less than a year ago, I would whine to attend 10AM meetings in person saying they were "too early" ;) )

Since I am now forced to get out of work by 4.30 PM, and since the gang at the lunch table decided to start off the new year healthy, we all go to the gym at 12.30 in the afternoon and have lunch after we are done. Going to the gym randomly with 1-2 colleagues is definitely less appealing than going with a close gang of 6-7 :D Gym is taken care of. Check.

I also have a new cube @ work. A corner most one, so window views on either side. New year, new house and new cube, could it get any better you ask? Yeah. I am put on the escalation team for the coming two weeks, (gaaaa!!! why me and why now?!!?!?) and I already have an issue to work on to which I wasn't able to get to yesterday. So I GOT to do it today. And if you are asking why I am wasting time blogging when I have so much work to do, you are sensible and wise, you have a very smart question on your mind.

Except that I drafted this post in the morning on the bus when on my way to work ;)

Now ask!


Anonymous said...

nice cube :) put some pics of your new house. we keep hearing about it but don't see it :)

Anonymous said...

not a good idea to post personal pictures (self/home/etc.)on a public site, in my opinion that is! tc.

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