Saturday, January 31, 2009


I realized I never did a "The year that was" post ;)

Let me do it without much further ado.

In the most simplistic terms, 2008 was a great year. 2009 has a tough task if it has to even match it. Bettering it doens't seem possible. (One of my friends said I have a great spirit when I told him this, and I still don't get why ;) ) I hate it when I feel I've hit the high notes, because from then on there can only be one way, downwards :(

Anyways, not giving in to gloomy thoughts (especially since 2009 is not looking that great already :( ), 2008 had two long dreamt of and long aspired dreams turning to reality. One was moving back to the home land. The other one was buying that house :) Buying a home has been my dream for the longest time, I don't even know how many years, and I was glad it is finally done :)

2008 though was not a great year for the home land. Too many terrorist attacks, too many scandals, too much stupidity from culture custodians and what else not! I am hoping 2009 will be better. But the recent Mangalore pub incidents don't hold much promise :(

Then 2008 had the phenomenon called Obama. Lets hope he pushes the throttle on Pakistan a little bit harder and they mend their ways somewhat. Damn! We also need a charismatic leader. The leader by himself doesn't have to transform everything, but we need one person whom all the hard-working and sincere populus/babus can look up to and be inspired to give their best knowing that it won't be a total wasted effort. And that there will be the one guy at the helm who will acknowledge it and reward it. Much like having a good manager makes you work your hardest and productive-best :) I hope, I really hope :)


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