Saturday, March 08, 2008

My dear friend..

We are off to India in a couple of weeks (another post on that later) and one of my very close friends wanted to see me before I left. We couldn't make it at all because we are going crazy packing and selling and saving and discarding. And she was buying a home. So it wasn't easy for her to come either.

And then she did something only she could do:) She is picking up the keys to her new home today and flying out tomorrow only to fly back on Sunday. For that 15 hours, and just so she can meet me, she is actually spanning the width of the West Coast:) And I haven't stopped smiling since I saw her itinerary last night. Not sure how much I deserve it, but all the same, glad to have made some really fast and thick and absolutely wonderful friends! :)


Anonymous said...

Leaving for good?????(atleast thats the impression I got from u'r post)
Man Thats great keep writing though..Its sad when someone u know leaves..but its always a good thought that atleast they can live and do what they want to:)..Good Luck..

Your anonymous admirer...

Anonymous said...

Wow! :--) It sure feels nice to have such great friends. :--)
Hope you will continue to blog from India as well.

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