Monday, March 31, 2008

R2I diaries - Day Four


Today was pretty routine. Got to work as usual after that 1 hour commute. BTW, I must mention, the commute takes 1 hour because Y stays very far away from the campus. Hopefully once we move to our new place it will take much less time:)

Went to lunch with some of my new colleagues. Two women/girls. I prefer calling them girls ;) One of them relocated from the US too and so we got chatting about how it was etc. I bet the other one got either pretty bored or pretty amused;) And today would be the first time I have had Cisco's cafeteria food three days in a row;) My team back in San Jose would be very very shocked to hear this. I was very notrious for rejecting lunch invitations saying "I got my own lunch" I used to be very lazy to get up and go to the cafeteria;) I used to take my own lunch every single day. But hey, my kitchen is not setup yet, what can you expect guys!

Can't think of anything else that was significant in this day except for S's Bisi Bele Bath for dinner:) I can't wait to have my mom's/aunt's though. My aunt already promised she would make it for me when i went to their place :D :D


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