Friday, March 28, 2008

R2I diaries - Day Three


Another day. Another wonderful breakfast. Y again took the 7.30 shuttle to work. We again took the car. This time my stop at Cisco was the last and so instead of the usual one hour, I saw a two hour commute. But the upside to that was, I saw Koramangala, saw the Forum Mall, saw Indira Nagar and some other happening localities in Bangalore after a very very long time.

Ill-fated that I am, when I landed at work at 11 AM finally, all the important people were standing around in the corridors chatting away. Boy, did I look sheepish coming in !!

Day was pretty routine. Y and I went for lunch again and this time we met two other people and I know two more people now ;) One of them asked him if he was my mentor and he said "No, she is my friend, was my junior in Engineering" and as an afterthought he added "She is also actually my friend's wife" ;) Ha ha ha!! Some associations are difficult to put a different thumb-tack to, I guess! ;)

Evening we were supposed to go and sign the lease for the apartment so I was looking forward to it. Other than that the day was pretty routine. Y and I took an auto (Yes! after so long, an Auto in Bangalore!!) to go to that place. (On Day two even going up until our apartments which is 4 KM from Cisco took us 50 mins, I was dreading it today, but luckily it didn't take that long). Like a typical auto routine, he asked for more and we didn't agree to it, we started walking, then he compromised and so did we and we finally took the auto. We went to that place, saw the apartment once more, felt happy again signed the lease and headed home. Poor Y has been going home later and later everyday thanks to us. Another dinner and some more Cisco gossip and some chunk of Rang De Basanti on Star Gold and we called it a day.


Anonymous said...

Good to know you reached India safe and sound.
R2I Diaries - Great idea! :--)
Pliss to continue.
2hr commute sure does sound scary.


Anonymous said...

WoW!! Welcome HOME:)..though theres still some time for me to go back:(, it sure feels nice to say that, and hear from someone backhome:).
And I was religiously checking out your blog, to get the updates of your travel/settling:) So much from an ardent anonymous reader!!!

Good Luck Divya:)

DivSu said...

Z- Thanks for the encouragement :) The 2 hour commute is not a normal thing. That day I dropped off everyone at work before I went to mine,so it took two hours. Plus Y stays really far away from Cisco. We are moving into our new place today so hopefully the commute will be clipped to 15 mins :)

Anonymous - Thanks for that comment! :)

manorama said...


I was just going through Nayana's blog and happened to know abt u. I came to US 4 months back and was seeing mad rush for H1's since then....never listened ppl leaving to India for good from these 4 months....U really made a very good decission.....njoy India....

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