Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Team @ Cisco-San Jose

I know I have never mentioned my entire team together in my blog before. Today they gave me a farewell lunch and I was trying really hard not to get emotional. Three years ago, when my manager first became one, it was just me and a few others with him. Then we went on and hired some more people and formed our team. Since then people in other teams came and went but we never changed in composition. Its been a long time and I never thought I would be the first one to break this close-knit circle:( I am sure people think I am exaggerating but when I think about my move, the only thing I really feel I will miss is my team at work. Cisco has in general been a harbinger for all good things that have happened to me here in the US, and I associate my team very strongly with it because apart from all that interesting work, it was our chemistry that made it really fun to be here. We were the best in our Org and at the same time we were the most fun-loving as well. I have always been very proud of us. And I will miss all of them. Very sorely. Here is hoping that everyone in my team goes on to achieve great things and never loses that fun streak:) Here is wishing each one of them the very best!


Anonymous said...

I am sure it must be difficult. :--( I can kind of understand your feelings.
The only reason I havent tried transferring to Santa Clara is I love my team here. It is not often that we get good team dynamics. It is hard to break it voluntarily.
Btw, when are you leaving exactly?


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