Saturday, March 22, 2008

What a day!

The last but one day in the US. And was it hectic! My God!!!

Started off with packing (I should say stuffing) the rest of our worldly remains into a suitcase. We decided we need to add another suitcase, so we went for a late breakfast at 11 and bought a suitcase. There was a guy who was interested in buying my Honda, the last of the thins I had to sell. I was to meet some people at work besides my team so I had to go to work at 2. We came back home, I stuffed the second suitcase as well and we headed off. Since then its been one whirlwind till now.

I met my team and it was a sad, very sad farewell. Last evening I was almost in tears driving back from work because I knew it was the last day I would be doing this. I remember that first day I was doing it, going to work looking at those green hills and just happy to have a job finally that wasn't so much on the edge. I never realized how much I fell in love with Cisco (it was always my dream company/job) and my team in general. I will miss them!

We met the guy who was going to buy the car and finally after weeks of negotiating that went through! Yes! I got to keep my Honda to the very last day. Although I was pained to have to sell it so cheap, at least I didn't have to have others sell it for me, I saw it off myself :)

Then we had to meet friends who patiently waited for us to finish with Cisco and the car for almost two hours and we spent some time with them. The first three hours in the last three weeks that I have spent in one place not running around.

I now have a hundred things going through my head still. That change of address forms, that IRS research, how do I change my address with them, that release of liability on the Honda, that call to AT&T to cancel service, that last check to deposit, that call to Comcast to cancel service, that change of address with the banks. Ohh god. So many more things to do and so little time. Plus meet friends around here for one last time, spend time with the gang, call my friends and say bye-bye and so on and so forth. I think this blog post will overflow ;)

So anyway, one of my friends said I should keep a diary of the things I think and the things I have to do and post it in R2I so its useful for others like me. And Subhash has been volunteering my blogging time left and right to anyone who asks him to keep track of things so they can use his notes saying "Ohh, she will blog about it" so its more pressure now ;) But lets see. I might still find some time off the crazy hours to jot down daily occurrences and experiences:)


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