Sunday, March 16, 2008

A comment and its reply - Destination Des

I got this comment, rightly critical, this morning. I thought I'd share it on a separate post so it doesn't go unread:)

Anonymous said...

Let me guess -

(1) The job offer you got in "Des" was too good to be true, especially when compared with what you ended up saving at the end of the month wherever you are.

(2) Can't afford a house wherever you are.

(3) Following the herd - moving to india is hip these days, especially because of (1) and (2) above.

(4) If not any of the above, welcome to India. And oh yeah, please leave the "oh-i-have-lived-in-the-US-pollution
-dirt-annoys me" attitude at whichever airport you depart from.

Sat Mar 15, 11:43:00 AM PDT

Blogger DivSu said...

Hi Anonymous

1) The job is exactly the same. I will probably save nothing in India when compared to what I save here. If you are willing to believe it, I am taking a hit financially because I am moving to India. So (1) does not apply.

2) I can afford a place here in California. The only reason we haven't bought one since three years is because we knew we didn't want to live here. So (2) doesn't apply as well.

3) Moving to India is hep? Didn't know that. I can still see scores of people willing to kill for a US Visa :) So I don't believe I am following any herd. (3) doesn't apply.

4) I have lived in the US yes. I have traveled to India every 6 months on an average. I have seen it going from polluted to more polluted to even more polluted:) Since I am fully aware of what I am getting into, I guess you can acquit me of (4) as well :)

The other 50% of my timing was to make sure I moved to India when I was at a peak here in my career and at the same time not at such a peak that a move to India would work out unbelievably profitable for me. That way I am not fooling myself into believing that I am moving for the sake of moving when the real reason is an underlying advantage. Now I can confidently say, I am moving just for the love of my country and because I think that is my home. And I feel that "apnapan" towards it.

Thanks for your comment. It made for a good retrospection :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Divs,
You dont have to justify your move to anyone. Some folks just burn with envy. These are the kind of comments you didnt want to hear, when you explicitly specified and explained in your post ( when you said you wanted to move just because you wanted to and not bcos you dint get a good job, or cannot afford a house, whatever)!
From what I have known about you, you like to take challenges and not succumb to pressures.
I cannot stand such comments.


Anonymous said...

Ah, now you are rationalizing your decision over the internet with a stranger who is not brave enough to leave a name!

Moving back home is not a crime. Don't defend yourself.

(1) Are you aware of the salaries these days in India? I pay my top guys at par with Silicon Valley salaries @ 42 Rupees to a dollar. Honestly, you should negotiate a fairer deal then, or find a better place.

(2) Come on, at the ridiculous Valley prices? What you get at that price is ridiculous, or so I've heard.

(3) It is indeed hip to move back. If I had a penny for the expats that I run into on a day-to-day basis these days.

Check out the ads in India these days. Two instances - GMR and Honda. They actually show a guy dancing because his US visa got rejected (while the parents are all tensed and praying and stuff). And hey, if it is an ad on TV, it eventually becomes the general feeling, right?

Now, honestly, where was the "apnapan" when you were lining up at the US embassy at probably 2:00 AM in the morning for a visa. So, were you following the herd then?
Hope the taxes you paid have been put to good use in Eye-Raq.

You could have been spending that fertile time in your life in India, founding a Indian company, social entrepreneurship in some way or form, teaching in some shape or form or generally being useful here, instead of chasing the $'s.

Now, thats real "apnapan". Think about it.

But then, better late than never, right?

DivSu said...

Hi Anonymous

When I am discussing significant issues of my life over the internet with God-knows how many strangers, I guess it doesn't hurt to pick up a discussion with one?

While your first comment shows structured thinking and I could understand your critical attitude towards home-bound Indians, your second comment just doesn't make any sense. You are all over the place and I don't know what to make of it. I think you chose not to believe what I said, which is perfectly fine with me, I couldn't care less. And I guess all that unnecessary sarcasm comes from this disbelief?

dharmabum said...

hehe, this is funny all the argument.

i don't think of the why and why not too much in life. i make impulsive decisions, and i stick to them. i'm not all for making grand 'plans', for i believe there is a plan already in place :)

welcome home though!

Random thots said...

That's Divya,who could punch you left n right with words n Mr.anonymous you better put your name instead of being called a coward

Lavanya said...

Justification???? I have never known her to JUSTIFY, least to a stranger who seems bent upon searching for an intention behind every action!! Personally, I feel she was just enlightening this person that there are things more important than self importance :)) Anyways, Divs, welcome home!! It may lead to a lot of skeptisism from n number of strangers but just know that you would always be loved, wherever you are, for your bravery and the way you value relationships that are close to your heart :)

Deepu said...

Bravo Divya!.. i am waiting to get back HOME to India just for the same, right reasons. afterall that is and will be home.. no matter how many yrs I lived in US or anywhere else.. this is "Home after Home" and not "home"

Mr/Ms Anonymous.. i see this is what happened, u thought about some reason.. which is not the reason why divya moved back.. and she did entertain ur comment and wrote about the right reason coz she did read it and can't ignore it since that is not afterall the right reason. All u have to do is write .. " ah! i see.. but u know people do come back for so n so reasons(if u know every one of all the people who ever went back to India or give an example of ones u know came back for the reasons.. don't just generalize everyone's reasons with ur experiences"

To each her/his own! ;)

Deepu said...

and i think..

Mr/Ms anonymous

one of the following could be the reason, u r still trying to justify that you r right and not the actual person who moved to India...

(1)u know of someone who went back to for all the wrond reasons! inspite of ur advise?!!

(2)know of poeple who make wrong choices and crib abt it later?! all the time! n talk to u abt it?!!

(3)u too much idle time in ur hand? want to see how else according to u "divya will defend herself"?!!!

(4)u r weired,like to decide, list out reasons for other people's decisions even though they that's not why?!!

(5)just kidding..

if it is (5) me too... take it easy..

i have had a hective all week at work n just got a break.. divs' is one my favourite blogs... couldn't ignore this post ;)

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