Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Closer and closer..

As our move gets closer and closer, I feel it more and more. To begin with, I am not keeping that well :( I am OK one day, sick the next day. But no time to recuperate. And there is so much to do! Bah! I just want this "moving" phase to get over and be done with...

Then there is selling stuff. I am hating the fact that I have to undervalue all my possessions. We are in a time crunch to sell what we plan not to take with us and that in turn had forces us to agree to whatever price a decent buyer asks for. So we ended up selling most of our stuff at unbelievably low rates :( But more than the financial loss, I feel sorry to have to under-rate my worldly possessions to such an extent. Its been a realization of sorts, how you grow to think of your household stuff as part of your family.

Everyone asks, are you excited, where will you stay, when will you visit Hyd etc etc etc. For now, I am drawing a blank on all of them. All I can think of is sell that last piece, sell that car, pack that last bag, should I take or leave my hand blender (too many US electrical items you know voltage problems and all that) and so on and so forth, you get the picture.

When will I go home?


-P said...

yup, when r u going home ?? I am in US & Very very jealous ight now that you could make that decision & I can't atleast not yet go back !!

am also happy to c someone going back !! don't know why but it makes me jealous but happy for those people who go back :) wishing you all the best !! i am sure life is going tobe great back in india !!

Anonymous said...

Werent you able to ship furniture and other belongings? I thgt companies took care of relocation to India.
But hang in there, just a few more days to go! Think of the happy times ahead, staying together, working in Desh :--)


Anonymous said...

hi, good to know you're moving back to apna des! check this out for some tips...

ps: i've no relation to the blogger (chitra), xcept for the fact that, i enjoy her posts as much as yours:)

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