Friday, March 28, 2008

R2I diaries - Cisco San Jose vs Bangalore - Day Two


I thought the comaprison between my two work places deserved another post altogether so here goes.

I definitely think the Bangalore office, only the new campus I mean, is definitely much better than the San Jose buildings :) I haven't seen the other Cisco buildings here in Bangalore yet but the campus definitely stands out. I think except for my team I don't miss anything here. That said, there are some cons. And many pros. Let me try to re-cap them.

1) Much brighter buildings
2) Much better landscapes
3) Myriad office rooms, glass on both the front and back ends of the office rooms, they look quite funky ;)
4) More modern constructions, you can simply make the difference out.
5) Biscuits in the breakfast room. Especially ones I like. Good Day, Krackjack, Orange Cream ones and Marie!! Yay!! I am eating one Good Day a day, decided to stick to that routine till I started working out again;)
6) Stylish whiteboard in the cube.
7) Writeable glass-panelled cube wall strips. The top strip you can actually write on. Quite funky.
8) Amazing furnishings. Everywhere. In break-rooms, in the lobby. The shapes of chairs and the variety of furniture is mind-blowing.


1) Its way away from the city. A lot of people I met here actually don't prefer coming here and go to our DC or SA offices at least twice a week.
2) I have to enter a memo/log in a book in the mail room every time I take supplies, this didn't make me happy at all.
3) The cube structure itself is BAD. As in, the only place you can put your laptop on the desk is in such a way that everyone walking by can look at exactly what you are doing. Not that I am doing much other than work anyway, but it does make writing this blog for example a little challenging. Plus I am in a corner cube where people are always walking by and peeking. I saw a STAPLES store on Outer Ring Road the other day. And that 3M Privacy Screen has been inserted at the top in my to-shop list just above the Refrigerator ;)

One thing I definitely noticed in a large way is the number of service people you see here. I can see them moving in and out and around at all times. They are just everywhere. back in San Jose, if you saw the Janitor once in a day you were lucky. Here you just keep seeing these people and multitudes of them, at all times.

That is it for now. I am sure more will follow.

UPDATE - Not that anyone cares but I had mentioned security as a con in my original post because my OHP markers were missing this morning. I was wondering again and again about who would care to just take OHP markers when there is a bunch of other things here. Rightly so, I found them under the table in a corner and I have no idea how they got there. So I promptly edited my post but also thought I should write about it since it was a mistake on my end :)


Deepu said...

Whoa!... that's more than a good motivation to work from B'lore ;)

can't wait to move back to Home! to India.

Have fun :)

DivSu said...

Deepu - Yeah. Fast ga vacheyandi ;)

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