Wednesday, July 13, 2011


(This happened on May14th, I had it in my drafts)

We were on the way back home from the daycare after the PTA meet. When we reached CABS (3 minutes from home), the son finished playing with everything he could and wanted to drive. So he went and sat with his Dad. But eventually he wanted to drive all by himself and was pushing away Subhash's hand. When Subhash kept bringing his hand back to the steering, the son was mighty annoyed. He wanted to drive by himself. So he hit me hard. I asked him why he was hitting me of all the people, I had done nothing. So he did a 180 degree turn, aimed and slapped Subhash hard on his cheeks. Neither of us really expected this. But both of us started laughing. It was too funny and sudden ;)

My son, I tell you. One amazing guy ;)


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