Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My term for blogging ebb. Too many things to write about for a change. But most of the topics are sensitive so wondering what to do, that is all.Ohh, and one reader anonymously commented that I have been away for very long and that kind of made my day, people do read this blog and miss its lack of updates !!

Well, one deal is that the son is finally sporting a clean shaven head. He turned 9 months as per the Hindu calendar this Sunday and we took him to Tirupati and got his head shaved off. It was awful watching him cry and lose all those lovely locks. I am now on a nourishment spree to ensure his hair grows back fast. Fingers crossed.

Tirupati was an experience. All that crowd and noise and loud yelling made this fellow cry non-stop as long as we were in the Q. As soon as we got out, he was quite his normal self again.We rented a chauffeured-Innova and a HUGE cottage and in general this has been the most comfortable and well-provided-for trip I have made to Tirupati in my entire lifetime. Yet, it was an ordeal to see this little guy cry and get all unsettled because of the crowd. I really wish we didn't have to put him through so much at such a young age. But, rituals are rituals, and you follow them as much as you can I guess. (I am veering towards the sensitive end of this topic now if you get the drift of what I was trying to say earlier). If he was a girl, I was more than willing to postpone his tonsuring till his third year (so at least he is a little older) but I don't like cross-dressing him as a girl and that includes putting him in pony-tails and clips. So I had no option but to make sure this thing was done with so that we could get him started on his regular hair-cuts, what with his lustrous fast-growing mane of hair going out of control very easily, very soon :)

Anyways that is done with and hopefully I will have more moderate variety of topics to blog on very soon :)


Anonymous said...

Gather you are still busy!

I have come to believe in to each his own as long as people are not getting hurt :-)

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