Wednesday, March 07, 2012


I posted the following message on the Bangalore Traffic Police Facebook page:

Hi BTP - Just a small suggestion - last week Airport Road traffic near HAL market junction was surprisingly thin in the 9 - 9.30 AM time-slot - I think there was either major traffic diversion or signals were properly synced. What I have noticed is - some days the traffic gets really bad and on other days it is OK. Can we try and implement 20-second signals on all major Airport road junctions - Manipal, Pizza Hut and HAL? I believe this will keep the traffic moving and not lead to huge logjams like it does today - can some one try this for a week and check results. No signal in red for more than 20seconds at a time 

I am not really a traffic engineer so let me put in my disclaimer first. I just posted what I felt - no data to back up - I wanted the traffic police to experiment with varying signal lengths since the logjams on Airport road certainly seem to be very random at best - when the signals are broken - they work best ;)

I was actually impressed that I got back a response to this comment on their page saying they will check this. I am not sure if they will actually do it or not but someone is definitely taking the trouble to respond to posts - that was impressive. And if you check their page - they are doing quite a lot of good work through this page. I am happy I decided to post - now I can wait and see if and when they will implement it ;)


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