Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Auto Experience

Well, its a done thing. No matter where you are in India, you have to use the Auto-Rickshaw as a mode of transport at one point or another. And then, invariably its a very iffy transaction 90% of the time. Especially if you live in remote parts of the city like we do;)

Our Auto experience has been rich and varied thanks to the fact that we haven't gotten our car from Hyd yet. We take the auto to commute everyday. I always make it a point to check if those fellows are turning on the meter when I get in. Still you cannot avoid some mishaps like the one we had yesterday;) We took the same auto both on Monday and Tuesday. I get off at Cisco and Subhash goes on to Indira Nagar from there. Apparently on Monday this guy drove all around the place before taking him to work finally and overcharged (very normal I say;) ). And on Tuesday I pointed to Subhash that he hadn't turned on the meter. And when he asked the guy, he coolly responded by saying "Kal gaye the na saab utna hi dedo" (We went yesterday, pay me as much as you did yesterday) and Subhash was outraged. He argued saying you overcharged yesterday and I wont pay you as much today. With a lot of anger on either side the guy finally agreed to turn on the meter and we agreed to pay 10 extra for the distance he had covered without the meter which was hardly 0.5 KM.

Well, living here is truly a unique experience, you learn so much and you harden so much more over time :) Not to mention how smarter you become ;) It's like your entire senses are alive at all times ready to combat anything offensive;) I am loving it!


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