Tuesday, April 01, 2008

That Long Power Cut

So we got our new fridge. And that whole day there wasn't any power. But we hardly felt the pinch. This whole place has fully backed up generators for <15A usage plugs so our lights and fans were all doing well. As long as I don't sweat I don't mind a power cut;)

So I was going to do a blog about how this long power cut didn't matter at all except for the fact that I couldn't turn on my new fridge and microwave. But then we realized next morning that it wasn't a power cut after all;) The circuit had tripped and it had shut off power to the heavyweight lines;) I discovered later in the evening when I had the time to research it properly that it was the Voltage stabilizer that came with the fridge that was faulty. We returned it and asked the guy to send us another one (mind you, the guy comes to your place to take it and get you a new one, no going to the store ;) )

So why am I doing this post? Not really sure;) I was just happy that where I thought we had a fault in the infrastructure, we didn't really :)


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