Thursday, April 17, 2008

Some change for the good..

and some change for the worse. Some become better to go worse, some go worse to become better. All in all life is getting better. Which at the end of the day matters most I suppose.

The maids came today. Again late. But they had a plausible explanation which didn't vary between yesterday and today. And that was that they are having to do some extra work at someone else's place since they are relocating to Dubai. Before she left she actually said that it was going to be like this till Sunday and asked me to please adjust. I couldn't agree easier. They did a much more earnest job and it left me happy. In that joy I ate a Perk(yeah, what an excuse;) ). This was the latest Cadbury creation I was so in love with before I left India. And I cannot express my joy at getting to eat it again on native land :) Some people express opinions on world events, discuss serious issues and what not on their blogs. Yet some more people waste away precious kilobytes of blog space writing about Cadbury's Perk. Yeah, that is me, what to do;)

Subhash and I have Rooh Afza every evening. I didn't know he liked it as much as I did. There is no counting how many glasses of Rooh Afza went into my system during those hot Hyderabad months. To be having it again, ah, sheer joy!! That too with someone who is equally enthusiastic about it, no words;)

I haven't done the dishes in three days straight! Ever since I left the cozy confines of that home which my mom ran extremely well, I haven't gone so long without doing them on a normal routine weekend. 7 years ;) Makes me so happy. No cleaning, no dish-washing, no nothing!! Yay!! I am actually reading the newspaper these days. And hoping that very soon, I will find enough time to get back to my Hindu crossword habit :D For now I am just working away while the maids are working away too. But soon I pledge to crossword my way through their chores. Yes.

Experienced the first power cut after dark today. It actually made me happy. Insane? No, just crazy;) US power cut furores used to make me chuckle at how well we handle the way we have to go without power. But anyway, I was eager to light that nice-smelling Lladro candle before the generator kicks in so I can deal with the power cut like old times. With a candle. But by the time I took the torch and pulled the candle out of it box, the lights and fan came on again. Damn! If the generator was not a life-saver otherwise, I would have surely kicked it.


Anonymous said...

Ohh I soooooooo loveee Perk! :--)
I had forgotten all abt it until I read it here :--)

Looks like you are becoming a real Veettamma. :--) Lucky you! To not have to do chores :--)


Anonymous said...

I am jealous !! That is one thing I so miss in US & the perk ofcourse !! but I manage to fulfill that crave with a kitkat but then again kitkat is not perk !! have you the seen the TV ads by the way on TV in India!! they are very good.

Luv2cook said... guys MOVED? Amazing...Good luck to you..

Your blog postings make me feel like I should also move back he he he....

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