Sunday, April 13, 2008

The better shopping experience

Last evening we decided to get out and check the neighborhood now that we have the car and since we were at home all day waiting for that Aqua-guard fellow to show up and install it (he never turned up and its already three weeks since we bought it).

So we got out around 8.45. We first decided to check out "Home Town" which is like your Home Depot + Corelle Store + Farberware store + Mattress Store + Drapes Store and god knows what other stores. We realized we were a tad late as it was going to close at 9.30 itself. But still we managed to look at half a floor. Mainly saw dining sets. I was amazed at how expensive Corelle was at this store. Almost twice as much. I neatly slotted that under the items I need to buy when I go back to the US whenever that happens. (This time any shopping for bringing back to India was impossible to do. Too much stuff overflowing everywhere already, sigh!)

Then we went to friendly neighborhood Nilgiris and bought groceries. Getting thoroughly amused and disappointed with how expensive everything is. Every time we step out, I almost have a panic attack when I see the bill ;) But I had to get some higher level shopping done for the kitchen, I just had the bare minimum at home like salt, sambar powder etc.

This morning we went to Reliance Fresh and bought some more stuff for what else, the kitchen. I was really happy with both my Nilgiris and the Reliance Fresh shipping experience because they accepted Sodehxo coupons!! Yay!! 30% automatically saved because these coupons are paid for pre-tax. (At least that is what I was told. I am just hoping its not the other way around;) )And actually at the Reliance store there was an offer that if you crossed a 1000, you got a cutting board set free. (Cutting board + Knife + Lighter). And that made me almost ecstatic. The cutting board was one thing I wanted to buy ever since but every time I go shopping I forget. The knife was the style I was exactly looking for and Subhash had been asking me to get a lighter for the stove because one of the burners' electrical ignition system was not working, and I kept pushing it out. Just the three things I wanted. And the set that we got free was advertised as being worth 300. Another 30% yay!! So I came out happy although I spent a fortune because I imagined that I saved 60%. I think we have this underlying psychology thing amongst us. We don't really feel bad about spending so long as we have the satisfaction that we saved significantly over MRP (remember, Maximum Retail Price?). And clever as the people behind the counter are, they make sure we come out feeling we have saved a lot. Happy customer, happy shop-wallah!

We then went to the TOTAL Mall by Sarjapur Road in the evening. Had to shop for some PearlPet jars etc. Subhash wanted to first get a case for his mobile (which happens to be the most pampered thing at our place after me, he is so in love with that thing! Guys and gadgets, phew!!) While we were at the store I saw this footwear shop, liked it. Hmm.. Then I turned around while he was cheking out yet some more accessories for that mobile and I saw a clothes shop. Looked good. Hmm.. (This, after I bought new clothes and footwear last week, the excuse being a festival and my birthday;), this time what is my excuse? Eh?)

So once we were out of the store we went into the footwear store and promptly bought a pair. I think I am returning to my normal self here. I used to have so many pairs of footwear when I was in India earlier that my Dad used to say I can open a shop;) In the US, I could search malls after malls till i was dead-tired and still not find a pair that I liked. So eventually I lost it with footwear. But I think I will very soon be back in action! Then we went to the clothes place. And the best way to describe it was "feast for the eyes" The colours and patterns and varieties in lengths and fashions. Endless. And all in a 700 sq foot shop. I was ecstatic (see how easy this is becoming?) and bought two tops"for the time being". It was amazing. It was like my search of all these years for good clothes is finally going to come to an end! I will go back. For sure.

All in all, our leisurely shopping was a much better and much more lively experience than what I have had in years. Yes, loving it!


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