Sunday, April 13, 2008

Not something I lack anymore ;)

After my previous post about the things I feel are lacking in my kitchen, we have done some leisurely shopping. Instead of that "Here now, gone tomorrow" vegetables shopping, we properly checked out some stuff. I found some white onions but not the yellow ones. In my previous post I should have said yellow because those are the one I miss since I never used the white onions. But ever since he has read that post, Subhash has been eagerly showing me every white onion he comes across asking me if I want to buy those. I can give them a try but I need to finish these "messy, pink" ones that I already bought :(

So anyway back to my earlier post. I did find better onion when we actually went to a proper store. I did find a way to pack them in different bags and now I am a happy person because my Crisper looks so much better with vegetables all segregated :D

The best thing at "Reliance Fresh" was the neatly cut vegetables :D Who needs frozen stuff when fresh ones are available all well cut and sealed :D I even found that "Sambar mix" except for it was actually fresh! Yay!! I always took pride in how entrepreneurial my fellow country-men are, how we take something that is good and find a way to make it better, how as soon as there is a slightest need, there is immediately a way to cater to it. And today I was not disappointed. Oh no, not at all! :)

So that knocks off three of the things I thought I lacked. Can it get any better? :)


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