Friday, April 11, 2008

What I lack in a kitchen

Let me face it. My kitchen is the first and probably the only thing I extensively use in my home. So deficiencies if any shall be observed in the kitchen first before anywhere else. Some things I miss/wish I had

1) Trash compactor in the kitchen sink. Makes life so much simpler. No messy trash to deal with.
2) Big white onions.
3) Neatly segregated vegetables in separate bags of their own. Made storing in the fridge so much more easier. Now when I go shopping, the guy puts everything in one bag. I know I know, its more environment friendly but heck! My fridge and my vegetables no?
4) Frozen vegetables! My mixed frozen vegetables bag, my French-sliced green beans, those nice small onions for that perfect sambar, the frozen spinach, frozen Methi. Lazy me :D I even went to the extent of buying a "Sambar Mix Frozen vegetables" bag once. Just once though. Its excusable ;) I need to research and find out where I can get this stuff here. The vegetable vendor went crazy when he saw the quantity of beans I purchased today, he said "Itna kam hain to kaise tolega madam, 100g bhi nahi hai" ;) (How will I weigh if you buy so little, its not even 100g) and I looked really sheepishly at him. Bah! Have to re-learn those vegetable buying skills.
5) The convenience of a dish-washer as a storage unit. I suppose I can buy one here except for there is no place to put it in and for the fact that there is plenty of storage available in the kitchen as is ;)
6) Flat burners. With the burners on my stove here, dishes tend to do a sideway jig when they are not big enough to comfortably sit on the thing. And that somehow makes me very uneasy ;)

More things as I come across them .


Anonymous said...

You are soooo on a roll!! :--)
Nice posts!


Vyshnavi said...

You could check out supermarkets like Reliance Fresh, Food World etc where they keep all these sliced veggies. At least in Reliance Fresh I know that they keep good stuff. Hope that helps!

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