Sunday, April 13, 2008


Today we had our first formal visitor since we moved to our new place. Subhash's mama was visiting from Kolkata to meet someone. His son (Subhash's cousin) lives in Bangalore and he had come over on Friday night (he got me a book as a gift, so sweet!) and he told us over dinner that his dad was coming on Sunday. So we asked him to get mama along for lunch on Sunday.

So for the first time since we moved, I made an elaborate lunch. Lunch itself was not so elaborate, potato fry and tomato dal but I made Biryani which is an elaborate preparation. All that spices shopping at Nilgiris and Reliance came in useful :) They were at home for about 2-3 hours around lunch time and then left.

Evening we went with SSK and V to check out his friend's place which was up for sale. Didn't like it all that much. I think this apartment that we are now renting has set our standards so high that I am scared now if we would like any other place ;) (Really, its not just me, the pictures of this place were a hit with everyone who saw it :D :D )

SSK and V came home and I gave them some Biryani to taste. Like always, the spice had settled well into the rice by then so it was way spicier than it was in the afternoon and V couldn't really have much:( They sat for a while and then left.

On an average the door bell rings at least twice a day:) Which makes me happy. I like it when I have visitors. I like to visit people. Maybe my social life is on its way to going through the roof now ;) I keep telling the gang back in San Jose that I haven't yet made friends at the apartments itself. Once that happens, then, well, it will just be like old times :D


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