Sunday, April 20, 2008

Some hope for democracy?

Everyday in the HINDU I see reports of how long people are having to wait in Bangalore to get their Voter ID cards from the Election Commission. While that in itself isn't something to feel proud about, what surprised me is that people are actually waiting to get them. Truly an inspiration. I didn't think people were that interested in our political system anymore.

But it does look like people still believe in exercising their vote. My parents always used to, every single election. Now that I am back, I want to exercise my franchise too. I need to find out how to get that Voter ID which never came although I applied for it that 7 years ago. I know what party to vote for. But I do wonder, can I vote in Bangalore and Hyderabad at the same time? Can I live in Bangalore and vote in AP's Legislative elections? Hmm..I need to find out :)


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