Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Rain Woes!

As if to try and live up to my expecations, there was a power outage on Wednesday by the time I got back home. Maybe a couple of hours. It rained very heavily and naturally a power-cut ensued. When I got home I also saw a puddle (actually I should call it a mini-pool) of water all over the kitchen. I was scared it might be the fridge. But it dawned on me eventually that it was actually the rain water that got inside thanks to the door. The door in the kitchen balcony is actually a little above the ground (very little) but nothing that a "gattu" (small elevated construction near doors) couldn't solve. But this house didn't have any. So I have that one more item on my list of to-do things ;) For the time being we put a manual barricade (one of our suitcases which was rendered useless after our move to India) in the balcony.

We are going to Hyd for the weekend! Yay!! I already have a charter to eat here, here and there (no I didn't forget linking the words here and there, they are just symbolic). Its the Telugu New Year on Monday followed by my birthday on Tuesday. An extended weekend getaway will do just fine for me for now :D


Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Divya. We share the same B-day:)

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