Friday, April 11, 2008

Bus ride nostalgia

I was walking towards the bus stop back from work today when I kept repeatedly thinking of my very good friend K. We were in engineering together and consequently she and I have shared bus rides for four years. And they were a progression of laziness;) And also a very very extremely varied experience. From using our drafters as missiles during ragging in the bus to hijack then, and having Y slap a guy for saying something nasty to getting off running buses and last minute exam preparations, we have done it all!

Initially we used to get ready at 8.30 or so and try to catch that 50/31 that used to come to Tarnaka every morning at 9 because that bus was a direct bus to KPHB. Any other bus, we would have to actually change at the Secunderabad bus station and that was a pain. Because all the Tarnaka buses stopped at a different place from where the Kukatpally ones stopped and the walk was 1 KM easily. So if we missed 50/31, we missed the first class for sure. But this was first year. You actually attended all classes if for nothing but to escape ragging my friends ;)

Our homes itself were 1 KM walk inside Tarnaka's well closeted colonies. So we actually used to walk to the bus stop. Eventually, once we got more comfortable, we bribed a watchman at the HUDA complex and he would allow us to park in that lot so K and I would take turns driving everyday up until HUDA and then the bus stop was right there.

Then things slowly started to change. We got into second year. I moved to another branch and K was in EEE. Now EEE's professors were a sadistic lot. So my dear friends in EEE had to still attend classes every day, all day. ECE guys got off the hook very easily what with crappy professors who hardly knew what they were talking about. Except one good professor who was also HoD at that time, the rest could all be very conveniently ignored. So I started getting lazier and lazier and wouldn't get ready on time. We started missing 50/31. We thought there has to be a better way.

And a better way there was. Patny Centre :D We next bribed the watchman at the Vysya bank in Patny and used to park in that lot :D (Bribsters you are thinking eh? We call it personalized service, even Tirupathi is not free from it ;) ) And the Kukatpally buses used to stop right across the street from Vysya bank which was very very convenient. Not to mention Nan King and a plethora of other places where you could gorge on food after a long hard day of doing nothing in college but loaf around;) Plus for reasons we both know, there was a very convenient STD booth located right there besides the bank ;)

Today when I was walking to the bus stop, I was wishing K was with me. We could both walk and take the bus together and it would be just like old times. And I was actually hoping K would move back with Intel because their office is right next to Cisco's and that makes my plan all the more implementable :D

Day-dreaming eh? :) Who knows. Anything is possible :D


Kaumudi said...

you know what??? i miss those times way too much and am pretty serious about moving back.. what say?

DivSu said...

Whay say aa?

Welcome back. With a big hug and a huge smile and teary eyes :D

Kaumudi said...

now.. you are making me all senti..i thought i was one who would not get emotional abt stuff :)..your being there kind of makes me want to come back more you know

DivSu said...

Good good ;) I can even try some other things to bribe you into coming back ;)

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