Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The first cultural mistake;)

When we went down to drink flavoured milk the other day, I finished that bottle by the time we walked to the grocery store to buy some vegetables. I immediately asked him on an impulse "Dust Bin hai kya?" (Do you have a dust bin?) and the little fellow actually took offense to it. "Idhar kyu rehta dust bin?" (Why would there be a dust bin here?) And I was a little surprised at his reaction.

Subhash later explained how this is entirely different between India and the US. A dust bin is not something you would keep in a grocery shop. And its not a very good thing to ask people if they have a dust bin around. Hmm..I have to unlearn this. I was wondering, what was my attitude towards dust bins 7 years ago? Did I expect every business/shop to have a dust bin. There was this supermarket near our place in Tarnaka. Did I expect that guy to have a dust bin back then? Hmm..I cannot remember, but all the same, I need to be extra conscious of what I ask and say from now on :)

That was my Lesson # 1


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